Covert Cupid – A Valentine’s Tradition!

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Fun Valentine’s Tradition for the Whole Family!!

We are SO very excited to introduce this fun family tradition to all of you!! Any time we find an idea that helps families connect, serve each other and have fun along the way, we are ALWAYS on board! So when we found this post about a Secret Cupid activity for the whole family, we just had to put our own twist on it! P.S. We LOVE Sarah! You really need to check out her post AND her blog!!! Seriously, she completely inspired this post and we give her full credit for the fun direction this pack took! From her inspiration – Covert Cupid was created! Covert Cupid is a family tradition that runs the first two weeks of February leading up to Valentine’s Day and is ALL about serving each other!! Who doesn’t love a little extra LOVE in their life!?!

Free Valentine's Day Printables!

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And now… for the Covert Cupid grand reveal!! These free printable packs are amazingly beautiful and were only possible because of the over-the-top talent of Leah at Leah Aldous Designs! She has created everything that you need to pull off this tradition for years to come! Whether it is just you and your spouse or a family with kids at home we have a pack for you!

Free Valentine's Day Printable Pack

An overview of Covert Cupid is this: Everyone in the family will draw the name of another family member. You are then in charge of performing an act of service for that family member every day for the next two weeks.  {Remember that to be covert means that you are doing something secretly or without anyone knowing.}  For two weeks straight your entire family will be searching out little ways to brighten each other’s day, put a smile on one another’s faces and  have some serious fun along the way!

Everything you need to celebrate Valentine's Day with the whole family!
This activity will start on the 1st day of February and go all the way until Valentine’s Day. On the morning of February 1st you will want to leave the invitation from Cupid himself out for all of the family to see! That evening you will all gather together for the big event – drawing names!! We have created bright, beautiful name strips for you to cut out and write everyone’s names on! In the pack you will also find a **Mom or Dad’s Eyes Only** master sheet so that someone has a reference in case anyone forgets, or happens to get mixed up, you have a master list of who everyone drew!
Free Valentines Printables

Family Valentine's Day Activity

After you have drawn your names, Covert Cupid has officially begun!! When you print out your gorgeous printable pack you will find a page that covers all of the rules, I would suggest going over these with your family the night that the activity begins so that everyone is on the same page and understands their responsibilities over the next two weeks. The point of this isn’t to do anything huge, it is small acts everyday that add up! With everyone seeking out ways that they can do something for someone else there is sure to be a greater feeling of love in your home! 
Valentine's Day Family Activity

Remind the kiddos that they are on special assignment from Cupid! These bright bracelets are a fun way to get them excited about becoming a Covert Cupid and Official Member of the Cupid Club! {A tip to make these last two weeks is to have them laminated and add Velcro dots so that they are easily removable at bath-time!} 

Fun Valentine's Day Family Activity

This pack also includes a checklist for each family member so that they don’t forget to do an act of service each and every day! In case you are running low on ideas, we have provided a list of 40 ideas to get your wheels turning and thinking of ways you can serve each other!! Some of the ideas that you will find on the list include: buying a small toy {an example being a container of Play-Doh}, baking them their favorite treat, making their bed, leaving them a nice note telling them why you love them so much or simply letting them play with one of your favorite toys for a day! 

  Free Valentine's Day Printables

Frame the Valentine’s countdown so that you can write on the glass with a dry erase marker! This will ensure everyone in the house knows how many days are left until Valentine’s Day!!

Countdown to Valentine's Day

Each day as you decide on an act of kindness you will want to snatch one of these cute printables to “leave at the scene!” This way the family member knows that something thoughtful has been done just for them by their Covert Cupid!

Free Valentine's Day Printables

Inside of your pack you will also find an instruction sheet. This page explains everything for the activity, how each printable should be used and how many copies you will need! This ensures that you can pull Covert Cupid off for years to come!!

Free Valentine's Day Family Activity

The whole thing will conclude on Valentine’s Day when you finally get to reveal to one another who’s Covert Cupid you have been for the last two weeks! What a fun surprise and exciting family activity that will get everyone thinking of one another! 

Free Valentine's Day Printable Pack

And there you have it! I know Covert Cupid is a tradition that will be found in our home for years to come! I hope it will be in yours as well!!

Free Download

Family Covert Cupid Pack

Printables Designed By Leah @ LA Sync Exclusively For The Dating Divas
Free Download

Couples Covert Cupid Pack

Printables Designed By Leah @ LA Sync Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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