Cowboy & Pilgrim Bedroom Game

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Thanksgiving time is always chaotic {at least it is around my house}. It seems like there is always a million things to do and intimacy with my man doesn’t usually take the top spot on my long list of things to do. Not this year! It’s time to ‘SPICE’ that ol’ hum-drum romance up with this new Thanksgiving bedroom game! Whoot! Are you excited yet? Uh-huh… now I got your attention!

When we think about Thanksgiving, we generally think about the things we are thankful for… and I am definitely thankful for my husband! So it would only be natural to show him just HOW thankful I am! This is where our new ‘Cowboy & Pilgrim’ game comes into play. I mean, come on, who doesn’t think their husband as a cowboy would be totally HOT (if he isn’t a cowboy already…)! Oh, my! And you, my darling ladies, would make the perfect ‘Pilgrim‘. You can dress the part or just assume the part, but either way this Thanksgiving you’ll both be even more thankful for each other.

The game is simple. Print out the ‘Cowboy & Pilgrim’ Printable and cut out the pieces starting with the invitation. Slip the invitation into your spouse’s lunch, in their car, in their shoe… put it somewhere they will find it in the morning. This will give him all day to contemplate the evening’s activities. When it’s time, place the turkey on the wall and the feathers in a large bowl close by. Each of the feathers have a body part written on them (and a few blank ones in case you want to make it even ‘spicier’!). The rules of the game are simple… each of you takes a turn picking out a turkey feather and then showing your spouse just how thankful you are for that body part! If you are successful, your spouse can pin that feather on the turkey.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Merrymint Designs for creating this one-of-a-kind printable! Aren’t these ladies ah-mazing? They can create anything, with your vision in mind, and turn your vision into reality. Their printables are not only stunning, but they are extremely affordable, too. The best part? Customization is FREE! They are the perfect shop for those one-of-a-kind Christmas Cards this year! {hint, hint}

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Cowboy and Pilgrim: Bedroom Game

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  1. Awesome idea! Definitely a fun way to ruffle the feathers, but isn’t it supposed to be Indians and Pilgrims? There were no cowboys during the Pilgrims time. There were explorers though 😉

    1. LOL Sarah! Yes, you are absolutely right that there weren’t cowboys back then… At the time this was created I was attempting to put a different twist on the holiday, but I absolutely LOVE the explorers idea! haha! That had me rolling!

  2. Oh my, what a saucy way to ruffle the feathers! I love it!
    I wonder if might be able to email me the pdf, as well, though, as page 2 isn’t coming out properly for me?

  3. Is this still available? If so, I am trying to get it to print and it won’t let me…is there any way I can get it e-mailed or different link to print?

    1. I can’t get page 2 to print properly. Can I get you to email it to me? I just found your website this evening and I am loving all the great ideas to date my spouse. Thank you, Dayla 🙂

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