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Leave Your Date to Fate With a Date Night Spinner

Sometimes we realize with shock that it is DATE NIGHT! Did we get a sitter? Do we have anything to eat? Should we stay in, go out? Not another movie I’m just going to sleep through… All the questions. Zero answers. Never fear, the Dating Divas are here for you! We have a Date Night Spinner that you can pull out at a moment’s notice and say “take the wheel!” There are 3 ways you can put it all together to make sure that it suits your needs.

Date night spinner to leave your activity to the fates!

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This adorable idea will make date night easy and was brought to life by Leah of January and May. She creates the most beautiful stuff! This spinner is no exception!

Invite your sweetie to spin the wheel to decide date night!

It starts with a cute invite that is non-specific so you can pull it out again and again! If you want to get some extra mileage, try laminating it! We think it would be so fun to toss this into your sweetie’s work bag, car, the shower – anywhere they will see it to let them know that there is going to be an exciting date coming their way!

Add your own date favorites with the Date Night Spinner.

The spinner is the most genius thing ever! The printable comes with 8 empty pieces. Fill them in with some of your favorite dates from the site or your experience! You could make filling it out a date night on its own. Just have you and your spouse come up with 4 ideas each! {Check out our Pinterest board for some great date ideas!}

Next step! There are also 12 pieces where we have put down some of OUR most favorite dates! We’ve split them up into 6 at home and 6 out of the house. That leaves you with 2 to fill in of your own favorites. This way if you are able to get a sitter, pop those “Out on the Town” dates up, if not, stick with the ones that can be done at home.

Prep your date night spinner dates .

The last thing you are going to want to do is prep anything you need for the dates. {The links are below so you can do it all at once!}

Top 6 At Home Dates

Spouse Scattergories

Truth or Dare Jenga

Couples Would You Rather

Not-So-Newlywed Game

Spa Date Night

Netflix Binge Date


Top 6 Out on the Town Dates

Amazing Race

Library Date

Cozy Car Date

Selfie Date Night

Food Truck Date Night

Super Store Sweep

Plan our 12 date nights and then let the Date Night Spinner decide which one!

We found some manila envelopes, stuck all the prints/props/cash needed into them and then used the labels that Leah created. Now all we have to do is spin the wheel, grab an envelope, and we are off to strengthen our marriage!

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Date Night Spinner

Printables Designed by Leah @ January and May Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. this is FANTASTIC!! i am in love with this!! the only bummer? the link for the “spa night” date takes you to a “spain night” date. sounds wonderful, but not the date listed 🙁

    1. Holy hannah, Christina – thank you for seeing that! I am so sorry for the confusion! I have it linked up to the actual SPA date night now 😉