DIY Vacation Countdown

A Vacation Countdown For Your Home

Build up the anticipation with a fun vacation countdown display for your home! Having a trip countdown is not only a reminder to help keep you organized and on track, it also gives you an extra little boost of excitement every time you see it! This DIY vacation countdown printable is FREE and all you have to do is grab the supplies and put it together in a snap!
A FREE printable vacation countdown for your family's next big trip! LOVE building up the anticipation to our next big family vacation and there's a BONUS printables to make a matching travel fund jar, too! #TheDatingDivas #VacationCountdown #TravelFundJar

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My hubby and I are travel-oholics! Planning a vacation together as a couple is a major priority for us. Every year we plan our vacations up to a year in advance and then spend the rest of the year looking forward to the big day. Sometimes the planning, preparing and anticipating is just as fun as the vacation itself!

To help us countdown to our next big vacation, I worked with our newest Diva Designer, Courtney at All Things Bright and Beautiful to create a vacation countdown that I can use again and again for all our future trips! I was so pleased with her design and the final product! And the best part is – it was SUPER easy to make! If you want to make one for your family’s next vacation – here is what you do . . .



  • Vacation Countdown & Travel Fund Jar Printables (downloads are at the bottom of this post)
  • 8.5 x 11 inch Frame (with the glass removed)
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Cork Roll
  • 7/8″ Cup Hooks
  • Corner Punch(optional)
  • Jar (optional) 


Take your 8.5 x 11″ frame and remove the glass from the frame.


Take the picture insert or the backing to serve as a template and then cut the cork roll.


Lay your frame facing down & place each piece into the frame in the following order: Vacation Countdown Printable,  cork roll, frame backing & secure these into the frame.


Now your frame should looking something like this.


Take the 7/8″ cup hooks and decide exactly where you want them. Press them through the vacation countdown printable and into the cork piece twisting them until secure. Because my family starts counting down up to a year in advance I put 3 hooks on mine, but you could just do 2 if you wanted!


Take your numbers printables and cut them out. Use your hole puncher to punch a hole at the top of the tag.


I am never good at cutting straight, so I used my favorite tool: the corner rounder! It made each number card look unified and professional! It is a miracle worker!


There you have it! Your very own vacation countdown!


Now, at our house one of the reasons we start planning so much in advance is so that we can save our pennies for the big trip. Literally saving pennies! To motivate me to store away some of that much needed cash, I made this travel fund jar!


Just insert the world map printable into the jar (it should naturally wrap around the inside) and then use double sided tape to attach the  “Travel Funds” label around the outer portion of the jar.


Then – start adding the cash! Every penny counts, right? Your vacation fund jar is complete!

Wasn’t that all so easy? Now the hard part is waiting for the vacation to start!


For a full video tutorial on how to make your own vacation countdown and travel fund jar, check out this video from our recent Facebook Live:

To get these adorable printables that Courtney made download them below!

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About the Author: Sarina

I met my Prince Charming when I was 15 years old and 12 years later we created our own happily ever after. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a handsome baby boy. I love dancing, photography & chocolate!

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  1. I was looking online for a travel countdown calendar and came across this website. I immediatley fell in love with your vacation countdown calendar and travel funds jar. My family had a wonderful time at our first family reunion this year, so I thought they would be fun gifts to give to each family for Christmas. I ended up making a total of 7 calendars and 7 jars. Everyone loved the idea and said they look forward to using them for future weekend getaways and vacations. Many thanks for the printables that made these so easy to put together!

  2. Just made this for our upcoming anniversary vacation. (I was going to make something like a countdown chain.) This is so much cuter and we can use it again with our future trips. I got everything that I needed at Wal-Mart for less than $10 and it took me about 15 minutes to put together. My husband liked a lot more than I expected. I am excited to pull this out for all our trips. Thanks for the cute idea and pintables.

  3. Sarina – I am SERIOUSLY in love with this DIY countdown! I want to make one JUST to have in my house! lol LOOOOOOVE how it turned out! You & Courtney make a fabulous team! XO