Dollar Menu-naires Date

My husband is such a blast to be around. As you will find throughout this date…he has a great sense of humor. He is really spontaneous and has a nack for making the ordinary date hilarious. Without further ado, here is MY hot husband, Adam.

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The Dollar-Menunaire Date

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I have become a cheapskate lately. Like many people across this country, money is tight and we are on a strict budget…which makes dating a challenge. At the same time, I wanted to have a fun date with my wife that would be memorable despite our small budget for date nights. So what better way to experience a cheap date than by going to the Dollar Store, ordering off the dollar menu, and hitting a dollar movie. Weeeeeee!!!!

We arrived at The Dollar Store with a very vague objective at first…we spent a half hour rummaging through the store laughing at some of the things we found. It was actually entertaining just discovering all of the different high quality products The Dollar Store has to offer. We came up with a plan to spend $3.00 on each other (so $6.00 total). We would purchase 3 items for each other that fell into each of the following categories:

Dollar Store Objectives:

  1. Something to Give Away – I found Kari some little girl party Tiaras for her to wear during lunch and then give away to our nieces. Then, Kari found me a Jonas Brothers card (‘Cause I’m a HUGE fan…) so I can put a picture of myself in it and send it to my brother in Japan.
  2. Something to Use Right Now – We picked out party plates for each other to eat on during lunch. Kari, of course, got princess plates and she picked out these awesome Unicorn Princess plates for me. Oh yeah, I’m also a huge fan of unicorns!
  3. Something to Use In The Future – We decided to pick out permanent gift bags for each other that will make their appearance for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other memorable occasion. We picked out the funniest ones that we could find…so for every special occasion, we’ll get to remember this cheap date.

Total cost for Dollar Store items…$6.00.

With our gifts in hand (er…really we carried it all in one of the gift bags we purchased), we made our way to three of the finest dollar menu fast food diners in the valley (Pocatello Valley, that is). Conveniently, all three of these diners happen to be right next to each other. Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s offer the highest quality dollar menu products money can buy. Our objective? To make good use of our Dollar Store items while having our Dollar Menu lunch.

Dollar Menu Objectives:

  1. Our budget for each of the three diners is $1.00 each per dollar menu. Total cost for lunch…$6.00.
  2. We have to eat our lunch on our party plates at each diner.
  3. I will carry all of our Dollar Store items in one of the gift bags, but Kari has to wear one of her Tiaras all through lunch.

It just so happened to be the lunch time rush on a Saturday, which made each place packed to the brim with customers…and considering Pocatello is a really small town…we just so happened to get a lot of stares. Especially from little girls that liked Kari’s Tiara. It was a lot of fun watching each other eat off of our little party plates.

Dollar Movie Objectives:

  1. Find a dollar movie that we hadn’t already seen.
  2. Find a dollar movie that is good.
  3. Find a dollar movie that is rated PG-13 with someone who has brought their little children under the age of 5 to it.

Just kidding!! Our objective was really just to stay with the Dollar theme so a Dollar Movie sort of fit in perfectly. Even though the above objectives (#1 & #2) really were challenges…#3 really did happen.

Total cost for the Dollar Movie…$4.00.

Total cost of this date…$16.00.

I really had a fun time on this date despite the fact that we spent very little money. We both laughed a lot throughout the whole date. It made the normal dinner and a movie much more memorable,…and we’ve got the gift bags to prove it. My wife is a good sport and is always willing to try new things. I’m so lucky to have a wife that loves to laugh and is up for going on spontaneous dates with me.

– Adam

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There you have it. This man never ceases to amaze me. So guys, take it from me, it really doesn’t take an over the top date to impress your wife. Creating an opportunity where you can laugh together is the best experience for both of you…and ladies, don’t be shy…let your man know that even an “every day” date can easily be made into something fun, memorable, and even cheap! Have some fun with your next date night out!

P.S.  If you’re looking for the perfect way to end this night in the bedroom…  check out our printable Bedroom Value Menu!

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I am a very outgoing person that loves spending time with my family and friends. I have a thirst for knowledge, I am completely at home in the kitchen, and my biggest passion in life is snow skiing. I've been married to my sweetheart for 14 years and we have 3 children.

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24 Responses to Dollar Menu-naires Date

    1. Lol, Sandi…yes, that is the gift bag my husband picked out for me. We have an inside joke about that…I would share, but that defeats the purpose of inside joke! haha, but just use your imagination on that one.

  1. Love the date! Love even more that you and I share the same name (and spelling!) and so do our husbands. 🙂 Ooh yeah, I’m from Idaho too. We rock.

    1. Oh my gosh! I have a twin I didn’t know about! haha! I love that our hubby’s have the same name too. You must have good taste! lol

  2. Now that’s what I call a Happy Meal. Gotta love a spouse who can make any outing enjoyable and can make you laugh. Keep the fun times a rolling for all of us out here. Great Post.

    1. Thanks Katherine! We all need to have some good laughs with our spouse, don’t we? lol. I love it when a guy can have a sense of humor…it makes a nice ending to a hectic day in the life of a mom 🙂

  3. The Romantic Vineyard blog gave me the inspiration to do alphabet dates and we just had our “D” date inspired by this Darling idea. 🙂

    Destinations, Dares and Dimes was the theme. To start out my H rolled dice to see how many places we would go. He rolled a 10. I had 13 different local destinations on slips of paper so he pulled the first one and when we got there he pulled one of the 13 different dares I had written on another set of paper slips.

    I borrowed your Dollar Store destination and there I pulled the dare “find a random fact and share it.”
    We also danced in the rain on the pier because my H pulled that Destination/Dare combo.

    When we finished he said to my “You are so fun. Thanks for getting me to do things I wouldn’t do on my own.” 😀

    @Jocelyn above, don’t wait for your H to get the ideas, take the initiative and have fun with it. We started with @ home dates which were all about him and the things he enjoyed. That got him on board for the whole dating concept and now we are doing something each week. He plans them from time to time and his are always dinner dates which is fine with me. I guess what I am saying is if your H is not as creative as Adam, figure out a way to get them to follow your lead and don’t worry if he is just a dinner and a movie guy. The point is to be together and make memories.

    1. Barbara, I love this idea! Such a fun spin on something new and I bet that your husband was thrilled with your creative date! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. LOVE this. How fun. Sorry to be so late to the party here but I’m just now discovering your blog. 🙂

    Sooo…did adam’s brother just ADORE the jonas brothers card?! lol

    1. Bahaha!! Welcome! Late or not, we love comments! And yes, totally loved it! There’s nothing like the gift of a ‘boy band’ card. Keeps the hilarity going 🙂 So glad that you are now a part of this madness! (er, I mean constant addictive party!)

  5. Oh my god absolutely love this idea! My hubby and I created dates called “Feliz Day” aka a Happy Day, dedicated to eachother where one of us plans the whole thing without the other knowing, this is another great idea to add to our lists, thanks so much! 😀

  6. Thanks for the fun idea! We just did this and it was a lot of fun. Way better than just dinner and a movie. It was weird/ funny eating at three different fast food joints, but we enjoyed the meal! We have been married for 30+ years. I changed the $store guidelines to be three items that remind you of me and be prepared to explain your choices! This was the best part of the evening! He chose candy, because I’m sweet, funny glasses because I’m fun, and a coffee mug that has love, hugs and kisses written all over it, yeah… Because he loves me! I got him very similar items, but included a Superman washcloth because he is my hero! Again thanks! Super fun!

    1. Sue, what a darling twist on this date night!! I love how you spun the ideas for the dollar store, too funny! I think we’re going to use your ideas for our next go round on this date. It really is one of my favorites that we’ve ever done. So cheap, but hilarious! You have to be comfortable in your skin to really pull it off, or at least be able to be ridiculous around your spouse so you both wind up with a good laugh at the end. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas, I’m so glad that you two had such fun!