Fantasy Suite Date Night

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Sexy Date Night Idea

We were seriously impressed by all the spicy suggestions sent in to our Intimate Moments Creative Contest category! One idea in particular blew us away… read on to find out all the sassy details for creating a sexy fantasy suite for your hubby!

CONGRATULATIONS, Katee Woffinden – we loved your idea!


Diva Disclaimer

Fantasy Suite

By: Katee Woffinden

Katee explains that the inspiration for her winning idea came from a game she created for her sister’s bachelorette party.  She presented the bride-to-be with a “fun menu” from which she could open up a coordinating gift.  Katee decided to translate this cute idea into a romantic game for her husband, “since newlyweds don’t get to have all the fun!”

In Katee’s words:

Building suspense makes everything more exciting. Instead of your hubby coming home to you wearing sexy lingerie- he could be looking forward to his “diamond doll” or “hot mess” all day long!… even if he has no clue what the cards mean- it makes it way more exciting!


I printed off all the cards and made a door hanger for the “fantasy suite.” He got to pick whichever tag he wanted and could stick it in the door. I had 24 hours to deliver, just in case there was some prep- like running to the store to get cool whip. Or you could just leave the card out in the door hanger for your husband if you like to be the one in control of what you are doing.


Some names I had certain things in mind. Other names were just fun and sassy! I didn’t even go buy tons of new lingerie or anything- I just used what I already have and spiced it up by giving it a name, maybe adding a new accessory, or changing up the position.



Wow, Thanks Katee for the great idea!  Sparks will surely be flying with this date! (wink, wink!)

Cheers to a memorable night!

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Fantasy Suite Date Night

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I married my college sweetheart and am a mama to 2 adorable Shih-Tzu puppies. I have a passion for making handmade cards, discovering new recipes, and savoring travel adventures abroad.

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  1. So how exactly does this work? Do you just slip the menu into his lunch and wait for him to make his order by texting you? And next to the names I noticed are song names are those supposed to be like your strip song you dance to? Is this a strip tease? Sorry lots of questions it’s just there are no real instructions

    1. Hi Krista! I think you can definitely personalize this idea to fit whatever would work best for you and your hubby! Katee mentioned that she just left the option cards out for him to place in the door hanger- based on his selection, she had 24 hours to deliver! She also thought that you yourself could place a card in the door hanger as a little preview for your spouse. Slipping the general menu into his lunch and having him text you would be fun too! As for the songs– totally up to you! They could simply be background music or part of a romantic bedroom activity. You can check out our post: for ideas on possible games to pair with each sassy menu card!

    1. Hey Cherrie! The printables are uploaded to this post and are working just fine for us. We’ve talked to our tech gal and the only thing we can figure out would be that you don’t have the most recent Adobe Reader on your computer. You can download that here: Crossing my fingers that helps you figure this out! Good luck! XO

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