Father’s Day Candy Bar Wrappers

DIY Father’s Day Candy Bar Wrappers

Father’s Day is coming and we have the ultimate quick and easy idea that is PERFECT for any dad! Because who doesn’t love chocolate? Choose between one or ALL of our four printable Father’s Day candy bar wrappers, designed by the ever-so talented Kayley at Ollie and Lulu Designs, to fit the personality of the dad(s) in your life! This idea is a great addition to any Father’s Day card, gift OR perfect as a single gift from the kiddos!

We’ve just made Father’s Day a little easier, so grab his FAVORITE candy bar, our candy bar wrappers, and get ready to wrap him in love!

The cutest Father's Day candy bar wrappers for FREE! Just print off the template and wrap up his favorite candy bars. #FathersDayCandyBar #CandyWrappers #CandyBarWrappers

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Simply pick up a Mr. Goodbar, Hershey Bar, or whatever your dad’s favorite candy bar is, next time you’re at the store and print these darling candy bar wrappers!

Free Father's Day Candy Bar Wrappers Printables

Wrap the Mr. Goodbar in our “mr.Gooddad” wrapper and combine it with other candy bars using our additional wrappers, Father’s Day Cards or gifts!

Aside from the ease of this idea, the sweet messages included on the back of the candy bar wrappers are sure to make Dad’s heart (not candy) MELT!

Fun Father's Day Printable Candy Wrapper

And, for the busy business man, we even have a candy bar wrapper well-suited (pun intended) just for him!

Father's Day Business Suit Candy Bar Wrapper Template

Creating Your Suit Candy Bar Wrappers:

  1. Print and cut pages 4 and 5 of the candy bar wrappers printable found below.
  2. Cut a quarter of the way in on each side of the top part of the white insert piece. Fold down at a slight angle and around the back to create the collar.
  3. Add the tie and fold along the bottom section of the white insert piece – this will prevent the candy bar from sliding out the bottom.
  4. On the large gray piece, cut the triangle inserts on each side and fold along the gray lines to create the lapels of the jacket.
  5. Add two buttons using any craft material you have. The ones seen in the image are actually paper fasteners with the tails cut off! {easy, huh?!}  Then attach the tag – I used baker’s twine.

Printable Suit Candy Bar Wrapper Template

And that’s it! Darling, right? If you are looking for even more ideas for Father’s Day, check out our 105 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for All Father’s. And our Done-For-You Father’s Day Party Pack!

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