AWESOME Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

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Best Gift IDEAS for Dad This YEar

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’re sure nearly all of you are on the lookout for the perfect gift ideas for dad/hubby! Well, look no further!

If you’ve been with us for a little while, you’ll remember the Mommy Money post from a few years back! Since so many of you loved this idea, we decided to create a similar printable for all the amazing dads out there. Introducing Dad Dollars: the gift that dad really wants! {Wink!}

Dad Dollars are one of the many great Father's Day gift ideas for dad! | The Dating Divas
Father’s Day gift ideas for dad

This quick and easy Father’s Day gift will be something dad truly loves! The best part? This thoughtful gift can also double as one of the many great birthday gift ideas for dad, too!

Dad Dollars Printable

Being a dad takes a lot of energy and dedication, right? Not to mention everything they do is with us in mind! That’s the definition of a “stud” in our dictionary. This Father’s Day, we are going to help you make your stud feel like he has just won the lottery!

Say goodbye to time wasted trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gift and let him pick exactly what he wants. With the help of our printables, half of the hard work is already done for you! You’re welcome!

Our Dad Dollars are the best gift for dad this Father's Day! | The Dating Divas
Dad Dollars are the best gift for dad

In this printable pack, you will find an envelope, lots of Dad Dollars varying in value, a Husband Coupon Redemption list, a Dad Coupon Redemption List, several price tags, and two $200 coupons! One coupon is specifically for Father’s Day, and the other is meant for your man’s birthday.

Let’s talk about how to use your printables!

Dad Dollars are the Best Gift for Dad: Here’s Why

This easy gift for dad will enable dads everywhere to “pay” for everything they really want. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Use the price tags to price items around the house that dad can pay for with his Dad Dollars. For example, you could put a price tag on the TV remote. If dad chooses to use his Dad Dollars for the remote, he has control of the remote for an entire weekend! That means all movies and TV shows are his choice!

You could also place a price tag on the dishwasher or on an item for a chore that dad usually takes care of. He can then use his Dad Dollars to pay for the chance to have someone else complete that chore for an entire week!

Another idea is pricing things in the pantry or even games or books around the house. Maybe purchase a few of his all-time favorite treats and keep them in the pantry … he’ll just have to use his Dad Dollars to buy them!

If you find that you need more Dad Dollars, print as many of the money pages as you need. The options are endless, and the Dad Dollars can be used for nearly everything!

Dad Dollars make a great Father's Day gift for the man who has it all! | The Dating Divas
Dad Dollars make a great Father’s Day gift

Let’s talk about the Husband Coupon Redemption and the Dad Coupon Redemption, as well as the two $200 coupons included.

Remember, Dad Dollars should definitely be on your list of birthday gift ideas for dad! This is why we created a coupon specifically for his birthday.

For the Husband Coupon Redemption, it’s up to you to come up with some things that hubby can pay for that only YOU can redeem for him. These coupon redemption ideas can be a little sexy, or they can be practical!

For example, maybe one of the sexier coupon redemption ideas is some steamy shower time together? And a more practical idea is you taking over making the bed for a month?

Whatever you choose, make sure these ideas are personalized with him in mind! What are some things that he normally wouldn’t ask for? Is there something he has asked for, but you haven’t had a chance to make it happen yet?

This Husband Coupon Redemption List is a Father's Day gift that your hubby will never forget! | The Dating Divas
Husband Coupon Redemption list for a Father’s Day gift

The Dad Coupon Redemption is similar. These are ideas that the kids come up with! Maybe one of your kids is willing to mow the lawn for a week? Or maybe all the kids can work together to wash dad’s car? Each item on the list should be something that the kids can do for dad without any (or very little) help from mom.

There are two ways you can use the redemption lists:

1. For both coupon redemption lists, the grand total of all the items is $200. This means dad only gets ONE coupon for Father’s Day and ONE for his birthday.

2. For both coupon redemption lists, each item should be priced at $200. This means dad gets more than one coupon for Father’s Day and his birthday. If you choose to go this route, make sure to print additional coupons.

The items on both of these lists can ONLY be purchased with his coupons, so you’ll want to make sure they are extra special! He can redeem all the items at once or space them out over a few months. That’s up to you!

Whatever you come up with, we know he will love it!

5 Additional Gift Ideas for Dad from the Dating Divas

Still looking for the best gift for dad? We have you covered! We have loads of Father’s Day posts waiting for you. Here are five of our favorites!

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these ideas. Here’s to making your special man feel extra loved this Father’s Day! Good luck!

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