Favorite Things Gift Exchange Party

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Favorite Things Party Ideas! 

Favorite Things Gift Exchange Parties are becoming more and more popular for a REASON! An evening with your favorite friends, each sharing your favorite products is the perfect recipe for an evening of fun! And with this gorgeously designed printable pack – planning your party could not be easier! Just take a peek at everything included:

Favorite Things Gift Exchange Party

What is a Favorite Things Gift Exchange Party? The idea is simple: invite a group of your favorite friends and ask them to bring 3 items that they absolutely love! These items could be kitchen gadgets, beauty products, a craft supply or even something handmade. Each guest will tell the group what they love about the item, and then draw names to see who gets to keep it! So, each person arrives with three of their favorite things and leaves with 3 new things. PLUS after hearing everyone’s favorite things they will leave the party with lots of new ideas to try! Fun right?!

Favorite Things Party Full Printables

Hosting your own party couldn’t be easier! We have got you covered from start to finish on how to plan, prepare and host a great evening with friends and favorite things! This all encompassing printable pack includes almost 50 pages of instructions, party favor printables and decor! Each page of favorite things party ideas contains drool-worthy designs by the super talented Courtney, of the site Paperelli! I just love the floral design she uses and her beautiful combination of colors! You are amazing Courtney!

This Pack Includes:

  • Host’s Guide to help you plan all the details.
  • Invitations to not only tell your guests about the event, but explain what it is.
  • Party Decor including food table decor, framed printables and even a banner!
  • Ice Breaker Games to add a little more fun to the evening.
  • Gift Exchange Printables to make the main event run smoothly.
  • Party Favors to send your guests home with something special from you.
  • Gift Exchange Ideas to inspire the three items you bring to the party.

Favorite Things Gift Exchange Host’s Guide 

Party planning has never been easier! Our detailed host’s guide includes a thorough description of how the exchange works, a suggested planning timeline and tips to help your party run smoothly!

Favorite Things Party Host Guide

Gift Exchange Party Invitations 

Invite your favorite guests with these gorgeous invitations. With several printable options and inserts, you can customize your party to be exactly as you want it! My favorite feature: the back of the invite includes tips for types of gift exchange items to help your guests know what to bring.

Favorite Things Exchange Party Invites

Favorite Things Party Decor 

Create a fun and festive atmosphere with these gorgeous decor elements! Decorate for your party with printables to frame, straw flags, food tents, treat toppers and even a decorative banner!

Favorite Things Gift Exchange Party Decor

Party Ice Breaker Games 

Another one of our favorite things party ideas- games! It is likely that your invited guest might not know each other. Help to break the ice with not one but TWO unique ice breaker games.

Favorite Things Party Scattergories Game

Gift Exchange Printables 

For the main event – the exchange – our printable pack also includes gift bag labels and tags to give your guests a place to keep all of their newly shared items! We seriously thought of everything for your party including a way to take everything home!

Favorite Things Party Gift Bag Tags

Favorite Things Party Favors 

Your guests can leave with one more of your favorite things in one of these adorable take out boxes. Just fill the box with a small and simple party favor for your guest.

Favorite Things Party Favor Gifts

Finally – we have included some of OUR Diva-approved favorite things party ideas (with links!). Hopefully this helps you get a few ideas of items that would work nicely for your Favorite Things Gift Exchange!

Isn’t this seriously fun? This is a party you could host over and over and each time it would be new and interesting! After you host this party – your guests will confirm this was their favorite party yet!  You can get all these printables (and more!) right here!

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 Favorite Things Gift Exchange Party Pack 

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8 Responses to Favorite Things Gift Exchange Party

  1. Are all of the documents editable? We want to do this for a church function but only want each lady to bring 1 item instead of 3 to make it more affordable. Thanks!

    1. What a fun activity for a church activity! The pack includes 2 options for invitations. One is pre-filled out and one is blank so you can write in or use a photoshop-type application to add your own price point and item quantity. I hope that helps! Enjoy!

    1. Great question. This is a printable download so you can print as many as you want. This invitation is a cute card with a pocket. There are two cards per page and then there are 4 inserts on a page. I hope that helps!

  2. How do you guarantee that everyone leaves with 3 new things? Isn’t there a chance that they may end up drawing their own name twice towards the end?
    Is it better with odd number or even number of guests?

    1. These are all really great questions. If each person brings three things to share, there should be an exact number of gifts to receive. When the names are drawn everyone just checks to make sure that 1. they don’t have their own name and 2. that they don’t have any duplicates. If they have either of these, they simply switch names with someone else. It is very important to peek at the names you draw BEFORE gifts start being given out for the reason that you mentioned.
      As far as odd or even number of guests – it doesn’t matter or affect the outcome.
      I hope you have a fabulous party!