Find the Perfect Photoshoot Ideas

Ideas for Your Next Family Photoshoot

Are you getting ready for family photos? It’s an exciting time to plan for a beautiful family photo that you will cherish forever! When it comes to finding the perfect spot to have your family photographed, we’ve got some great ideas for you! While your photographer may have some locations in mind, in never hurts to do your own research. It’s smart to consider a place that fits your family perfectly! We’ve compiled several photoshoot ideas in various locations that you may not have ever thought of. And guess what? They are all SO cute! Let us give you some ideas for your next family photoshoot!

Family Photoshoot Ideas

Here’s the best part: You’re not restricted to a portrait studio! Outdoor photography is where most people prefer to have their photos taken these days. It offers natural lighting for beautiful pictures and endless options for backgrounds and scenery! I’m sure you’ve seen a picture or two that had a breathtaking background. That could be your next family photo!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Family Photo

But before we provide some stunning outdoor family photo ideas, let us first share some tips to making your photos turn out exactly how you want them! With these tips in mind, talk with your photographer. Share your photoshoot ideas and then together, you’ll capture that forever cherished family photo!

Beach Family Photo

  • Drive around and pay attention to different areas near you that would make beautiful and creative backgrounds for your family pictures. Heck, maybe that breathtaking backdrop is in your own backyard!
  • Pick a location that matches your family’s personality. You’ll want these pictures to reflect this time in your lives. So, while railroad tracks can look cool, ask yourself, “Would our family really spend time here?”
  • Before getting too attached to a location, run it by your photographer. They should know if there are any issues with your choice (such as a required permit or difficult lighting), or if there are better choices available. They also might have alternate options that closely match your ideal photoshoot location!
  • Browse family pictures online for location inspiration.  (Our “Family Picture Ideas” Pinterest Board is full of ideas!)

Family Photoshoot Ideas

Now that you’ve got a good idea of how to find a perfect location for your family photoshoot, let’s get some inspiration! Here are some of our favorite locations for family pictures.

Family Having Picnic

  • Outside the Home by Matt Clayton Photography – Your home is a true representation of your family since you all live there! If your front porch steps or siding call to you, why not have a your family photoshoot there?
  • At the Beach by Amy Gray Photography – Remember those breathtaking views we talked about above? This photoshoot idea is it! The beach is just beautiful no matter when you’re there, but for a family smiling for the camera, it’s PERFECT!
  • By the Water by Josie Malecha Photography – While slightly different than a beach, still JUST as beautiful! The soft water lines in the background bring this family’s smiles to the front and we’re obsessed!
  • In a Field by Christi Hobson Photography – Running around in a field lit with the sunset couldn’t possibly be more gorgeous for a family photo! This family looks angelic in this field!
  • At a Carnival by Hula Hoop Photography – A ferris wheel, cotton candy, and a roller coaster all in one place? Better make that a family photoshoot spot! This could not have turned out any cuter!
  • Inside the Home by Michael Kormos Photography – Cuddled on your bed or surrounding your family room couch is a natural way to photograph your family in your home! We love the casual and relaxed look of these photos!
  • City Backdrop by Michael Kormos Photography – Prepare for your jaw to drop to the floor over these gorgeous city backdrop photos. I mean, can’t you just picture your family in front of them?
  • At the Park by A Day to Adore Photography – The tall trees and green grass at this park made for STUNNING family photos! This look could easily be achieved at any local park!
  • By a Barn by One Tree Photography – You can get SO many cute pictures next to a big red barn or farm equipment. We love how this photoshoot for this family turned out!
  • Train Tracks by Bamboo Life Photography – The wild and free look of a family walking along some train tracks just gives us life looking at it! This would be a gorgeous location to shoot your family photos.
  • On a Bridge by Amy Gray Photography – There is something so gorgeous about a long bridge! This group of cousins was captured perfectly here as they held hands and a similar look could be achieved for your family!
  • At a Museum by A Day to Adore Photography – This photoshoot idea is so creative! While it may depend on the museums near you, you could totally go for an eclectic or modern look, depending on it’s style!

So we will now be on the hunt for barns, train tracks, and carnivals coming to town so we’re ready for our next family photoshoot! Ha! What about you?

Speaking of all this family fun, we suggest turning family photos into a full on date night for your family! Why not, right? Check out this list of Family Fun Date Night Ideas. And while you’re at it, don’t forget your Year of Family Date Nights that can have you set for dates for the full year!

Enjoy your beautiful family photos when you’re all done!


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