A Year of Family Date Night Activities

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12 Family Date Night Ideas – All in One Place!

In a family, love is spelled TIME. Taking time to be together as a family and to participate in meaningful and memorable activities is oh-so-important. For all of those families who want to make some fun family memories, but would rather spend their precious time together, instead of planning what to do—this pack is for YOU! The Year of Family Dates includes 12 unique family activities and ideas to help your family spend some much-needed quality time together. All these family date night ideas are housed in this easy-to-organize binder and include activities that are family-friendly, interactive, and are sure to leave lasting memories!

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Here is the deal: We believe in strong families. Families are the central force for good in our communities and strong families are built on quality time together BUT, life gets busy and no matter your good intentions, making time for valuable family time slips away.

We get it.

And… we have a solution!

The Year of Family Date Nights Activity Binder will give you a WHOLE YEAR of completely planned-for-you family activities that are interactive, different and fun. Each month you can gather the family together and pull out the binder to find a unique activity that is ready to go! We have made it SO SIMPLE to make family date night a priority in your family!
Family Date Night Binder

Here is what you do: In one afternoon you can download the PDF, print the files and put everything into a 2-inch binder. That is it. Easy, right?. One afternoon of organization will result in 12 super fun family date night activities. Boom. Parent of the year award goes to you! In all seriousness though, we hope you love what we have created with the help of our talented designer Carisa from Messes to Memories.  She is a darling mom of 4 and gets it. You can tell she put her heart and soul into these gorgeous designs. Just see for yourself . . .


Binder Printables + 12 Family Date Night Ideas!

Binder Printables

Binder Covers

Keep your years-worth of family date nights prepped and ready to go in an organized 2-inch binder using our printable binder cover and spine.

Family Date Night Binder Idea

Dedication Page

This page gives your family insight into the fun in store as well as some ground rules to follow to make the family activities successful.Family Date Night Rules

Monthly Dividers

Monthly dividers will help to keep all of your dates organized by month. Family Date Night Binder Dividers

Memory Page

Have a place to record your favorite memories from your family date night. 

Family Date Night Planned

12 Family Date Nights

When we say “ready-to-go” family activities, we mean it! We really tried to get date nights that require as little effort and the fewest supplies on your part as possible. Check out what we have for you . . .

Family Date Night Explanation Page

Each month includes a descriptive write-up with the details of the activity and any additional materials you may need to complete the family date night. The instruction pages will also remind you what is already included as well as give you a QR code to link to our site for more information on the date.

Family Date Night Instruction Pages

Family Date Night Printables

Most importantly, the pack includes all of the needed printables for the activities themselves. Each month differs with what is included, but you can expect invitations, games, lists, instructions, activities and more!

Family Date Night Water Family Activity

Bonus Date Night Ideas

You can personalize your Family Date Night Binder by substituting any of the additional family date night ideas included in the pack, or you can use those ideas to fill up the binder NEXT year (because your family is going to want to do this year after year)!

Bonus Family Fun Ideas

Here are all of the date nights included in the pack:

  • Superhero Movie Marathon 
  • Cupid’s Crazy Cafe 
  • St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt 
  • You’ve Been Egged Service Activity 
  • After-Dark Scavenger Hunt 
  • Ultimate Mini Golf Date Night 
  • Win It in a Minute Water Games 
  • ‘Twas the Night Before the First Day of School Dinner 
  • Creativity in a Box 
  • Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt 
  • Thanksgiving Charades 
  • Gingerbread House Party

Isn’t this just the BEST thing? We have made it so simple to make memories and bond with your family through these fun monthly activities. And… we just LOVE how customizable this is! If you find a different activity that your family will enjoy more, you can easily replace any of our included date nights with another one. The most important thing is that you plan ahead so you are more likely to be successful in having family date night!

Family Date Night Binder Printable

So are you ready to get your hands on these awesome printables??

We have TWO purchasing options based on your preference: If you want to buy EVERYTHING to make the binder and all of the dates together in one place, you can grab the

Year of Family Date Nights Full Set

for only


Add To Cart

If you want to come up with your own activities to do each month and want JUST the binder covers and monthly dividers, you can get the

Year of Family Dates

Binder Set 

for just


Add To Cart

We are ALL about making your life easy and memorable. We now have a collection of these binder sets with date nights all planned and ready to go. See what else we have so far (and plan to keep adding to the collection!):

Year of Dates Binder  

Date nights for you and your sweetie!

Year of Dates Binder 2.0  

More date nights for you and your sweetie (our newest version!).

Year of Kid Dates 

Date nights for one-on-one time with your kiddos!












These family dates are a great time to bond and get to know you child better. Make the most of the time together by starting a fun and meaningful conversation together, with the help of the…


Chatting with your kids about their fears, hopes, dreams, ideas, & memories is the best way to get into that little head of theirs, and get closer to them! This kit has 300 conversation topics of fun family questions & prompts to get you talking together, ready to be printed (double-sided on cute convenient and easy-to-use cards!)

Family conversation cards


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    1. Thank you so much for reaching out!! If your teens love doing fun silly activities, then this could be fun for them! However, it also could feel a little young for them. But, we do have a kit of dates created to do with your teens! You can see that here: https://thedatingdivas.myshopify.com/products/time-with-your-teens?_pos=1&_sid=cf7e4a79e&_ss=r

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