Parenting Teens Quality Time Kit

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Parenting Teens Made Easy With Quality Time

Everyone seems to live in fear of parenting teens. What will {or won’t!} your teenager do next?! Don’t be too harsh, teens need love too–maybe even more than you {or they} realize. In order to help spread the love to our double-digit progeny, the Divas have created an amazing pack of quality time aids to help you with parenting your teen! This way you and your teen get some time set aside to reconnect and strengthen the parent-teen relationship they will need to lean on when times are rough. And hey, by spending time with your teenager you might even learn a few things about your little mystery who stopped talking to you on the eve of their 13th birthday…

Time With Your Teens is a great way to improve your parent teen relationship. #ParentingTeens #SpendingTimeWithYourTeen

It is so easy to get distracted by your teens’ schedule, homework, and activities that good quality time between you and them is rare. Sure you spend a lot of time with your co-pilot as you run around to all their activities, but chatting about how good Chick-Fil-A nuggets are may not last forever. We have a solution for you! The Divas are all about date night, and we want to extend it to your teenagers. Parenting teens requires making intentional time to have fun and enjoy bonding activities that will help you grow closer and enjoy each other’s company.

Parenting Teens made fun with the Time with Teens Date Pack!

The AMAZING Carisa of Messes to Memories has made this pack so much fun. The colors are bright and the emojis and icons speak to the teenage brain, let’s be real, they speak to us too!

What We Love about the Time with Your Teen Kit

  1. Easy to Prep – Being able to easily pull these dates out when date night comes is a HUGE selling point! We don’t want to have to scramble finding supplies, so if it’s possible to prep it all in advance, it is MUCH easier.
  2. Lots of Variety – There are 5 planned-for-you dates to appease any interests your teens might have!
  3. Ideas PageI love all the easy no-plan date ideas on the Idea Doc. We can use those to help round out our year of dates!
  4. The Textable Invites – Teens love to text, so get in their world! These are just the best and such a fun way to remind your teen about plans.
  5. Planning DocumentsWe need to schedule things in our crazy house, and this is the perfect way to set a plan and stick to it. 

What’s Inside the Pack:

Teen Date Night Invitation – Printable AND textable invites to remind your teen of your plans.

Planning & Preparation – Materials like a planning calendar and a rules sheet to make sure your date nights together actually happen and you have fun together!

Survey and Bucket Lists – Get an idea of which day works best and which activities are most interesting to your teen.

Planned-for-you-Dates – 5 planned-for-you dates—just print and go!

Time With Your Teen Date Night Invitations

Start spending time with your teen and invite them to enjoy your time.

We know that we need reminders and so do our teenagers! Parenting teens requires variety, so you can mix up your invites by giving them one of the printable smartphone invites one month, and texting them the next. There are 4 textable invites and 2 printable ones to keep things interesting. Who doesn’t love a nice food pun?! Save these fun ideas to your Pinterest board!

Planning & Preparation

Plan how to improve parenting your teen with this date night planner.

A successful relationship takes work and preparation–this is true in both marriage and with parenting teens. Plan your date nights out with your teen with our handy preparation materials. There’s a date night rule “contract” that is just cute enough to pop up on the fridge for a good reminder. With the calendar, you can plan each month’s date and display it all year long to keep the excitement going about spending time with your teen.

Parent teen relationships improve with clear date night expectations.

Survey and Bucket Lists

Survey your teen to see how to improve your parent-teen relationship.

Part of a good date night is buy-in from both parties. In order to make this happen with your teen you are going to want them to WANT to be there. Our survey will help you determine which day and time works best for both of you, as well as to which activities each of you gravitate. There’s even a suggestion list for dates that require no prep, but are still lots of fun. {A lifesaver when parenting teens!} From that list and your survey you can each fill out your bucket list and plan your 12 dates {Who says you have to end at 12?!}!

 5 Quality Time Teen Dates

We have 5 dates that are all planned out for you—you just need to print and go! They are sure to be great for your parent-teen relationship and your stress level. 😉

Dinner and Dialogue

Get a dialogue going to improve your parent-teen relationship.

Go out for dinner or stay in and make your own, but most of all, get talking! To help the conversation flow we have 49 This or That questions with 14 blanks for you to fill in with your own questions. They may seem silly at first {Thanksgiving or Christmas?} but they might just lead you to learn more about your teenager.

Emoji Truth or DareParenting Teens and Improving the Parent Teen Relationship

A mix between Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare with all your kids’ fave emojis mixed in. You can even make the board last for a few games by rotating our 10 Truths and 10 Dares and 6 blank pieces for you to fill in on your own. Spending time with your teen was never so enlightening—for either of you!

Dream Board Date

Plan your future and see your teen's dreams as well.

Get some insight into your teen’s dreams and let them in on yours too! This is a fun little date night to draw our your dreams then follow it up with some SMART goals to make those dreams reality.

YouTube With Your Teen

Enjoy parenting teens with the YouTube Scavenger Hunt.

This YouTube scavenger hunt is sure to get you laughing together. You might even learn a few things while being inspired! There is a video for every age and every person’s likes—find them all! And let’s be real… they’ll probably be shocked that there were even videos the year you were born!

YouTube with your teen to improve your parent teen relationship

Anything You Can Do

Parenting Teens Competition Date Night

The teenage spirit is a competitive one. They want to go faster, stronger, higher, and be better than everyone… especially their parents! Make a game out of the inherent competition of the parent-teen relationship and have fun doing it with our list of 12 challenges. When all is said, give a candy bar note {5 little notes and 1 mini candy gram included}. Save this idea on your Pinterest board!

Tell your teen how much you love them with some candy notes.

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  1. I wish I had this when I was a teen! I’ll definitely be saving this for my kiddos when they get old…. or gift it to my teenage siblings!

  2. This is SUCH a great idea! Love that it’s centered toward teens… we don’t have a lot of stuff like this! I think the dream board is my favorite part!