Frisbee Golf With a Twist!

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Frisbee Golf Date Night

For date night this week we wanted to do something outdoors and active – SO I decided to plan a frisbee golf date, but with a twist! I actually got my idea of the “twist” to this date from my family reunion.  My mom planned a whole game of frisbee golf for our family, but had an activity to do at each hole.  I took that same fun idea and applied it to my date night! The printables have everything you will need… except for the frisbee and “holes”! It is a perfect low-key, low-prep date that will get your hearts pumping. Get ready to have a new stand-by for date night!

Have a fun, active date night with Frisbee Golf!

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Thanks to Carisa from Messes to Memories (who is so amazing!), we have the BEST printables to help this date go off without a hitch! We always love to start with a fun invite and this time with have 2 variations – 1 for people who like frisbee and/or golf… and 1 for those of you who don’t, but like to shake things up 😉

Invitation to a frisbee golf date!

To prepare for the date you’re going to want the super cute printables, tape if you are going to a park {or baskets if you are going to set up your own course in the backyard}, and of course… at least 1 frisbee. If you want to go pro, you can get specialty frisbees made just for frisbee golf!

Before the date began, I went to the park and mapped out where I wanted each ‘hole’ (tree) to be for the game. If you don’t have a park close, or want to just stay home, the printable works PERFECT for an at-home-date too. Each hole has a specific task assigned to up the ante!

Frisbee golf date for home or at a park.

Here is what each strip said:

Hole 1: Name the top 5 most attractive physical things/features about your spouse.

Hole 2: Name the 5 most attractive things about your spouse’s personality or character.

Hole 3: Name 5 things you did today that your spouse didn’t know about.

Hole 4: Name 5 places you wouldn’t mind moving to.

Hole 5: Name 5 desserts you could eat right now.

Hole 6: Name 5 favorite ways your spouse makes you feel special.

There is also a list of consequences for both the winners AND losers! 
Consequences for winners and losers in frisbee golf date night.
If you lose (a hole), you get to choose one from the list:

  • 5 push-ups
  • 5 sit-ups
  • 5 leg squats

If you win (a hole), you get to choose one from the list:

  • 5 kisses
  • 5 hugs
  • 5 kisses & hugs intermixed
  • 5 of whatever you want

Win or Lose at Frisbee Golf - it's still fun!

This was one of my favorite parts of the date… if I was the one winning! On a tie, it’s a wash. You don’t have to do any of the exercises, but you both get a reward! Yahoo!

My husband helped me tape all the numbers and activities to the trees I had already mapped out {sometimes you may be lucky enough to have an actual frisbee golf course – then you can tape the hole number/tasks to the “baskets”}.  We then took the scorecards and decided what par each hole would be.

Frisbee golf date night score card

I have to say that I held my own except for the first and last holes. I ended behind but not by much. I was proud of myself because I usually lose BIG time to him, especially in sporting events :).

An interactive frisbee golf date for 2 or more!

 We had SO much fun on this date. I think the activities during the game was what MADE this date!  They spurred good conversations, flirting, and laughs. As we finished up my husband commented how much fun this date was and that he wanted an encore in the future. What more can you ask for but for your date to want to do it again?!

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Frisbee Golf With a Twist

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  1. We call it “disc golf” down here in the South… and we are big fans! Can’t wait to try this one!

  2. I just searched on Pinterest and found this site. So funny, because my name is Camille (I don’t know if you’re actually a Camille or not) and my husband’s name is Joseph. I was looking for a fun way to play frisbee golf. This sounds fun! Thanks, will likely do this tonight!

    1. Hi Camille! I am not a Camille, but I think we can totally count it as us having the same names and our hubby’s too! What a fun coincidence! This is a fun date night and I hope you enjoy (or already did – lol). Thanks for your comment!

  3. Do you have the activities that were used for the family reunion? I love the date night ideas, but am looking for some fun (different) activities for when my family is in town for a gathering. Thanks! 🙂

    1. @Jen- the activities we did for our family reunion were similar to what my strips of paper said. The list of ideas I already gave you would be easily tweaked for a family setting. We also had activities about naming grandparents on both sides, great grandparents, recite a story you remember hearing about an ancestor, etc. My mom is really into us getting to know our heritage so a lot of the activities centered on our family history. If you still need ideas, let me know!

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