Funny Pick-Up Line Sticky Notes

Grab Their Attention!

Looking for fun and easy way to grab the attention of your spouse?! We’ve got an idea that is sure to stick!  Our DARLING printable pack of funny, pick-up line sticky notes is guaranteed to put a smile on your spouse’s face! These notes are not only silly, but flirtatious, and even sassy! Whatever your mood, we have a sticky note that’s just right for you! 

So download and save this pack of 24 funny sticky notes, created by Joanna at Jab Creative Australia, and get ready to flirt with your spouse!

DIY Sticky Notes

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If you’ve never printed on sticky notes, it’s SUPER easy! First, print page one of this darling printable pack.  It is a template that will allow you to print on sticky notes with ease!
Printing on Sticky Notes Instructions
Face it vertically, and place a sticky note inside each box with the sticky part at the top.
Funny Pick Up Line Sticky Notes

Then, stick it in your printer and select the page of sticky notes you want to print! Repeat until you have all of the notes that you want!
Next comes the fun part!
Quick and Easy Romance Ideas
Place a pick-up line sticky note anywhere your spouse might find it: a back pack, mirror, night stand, car windshield, etc. You could leave a trail, or use just one at a time. The options are endless!
Printable Love Notes
Super cute, huh?!

If you loved this you’ll also loved our Kids’ Printable Sticky Notes! 

It includes 7 sets of silly, sweet, and interactive notes that you can print right onto sticky notes! CLICK HERE to check it out!

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9 Responses to Funny Pick-Up Line Sticky Notes

  1. These were a HUGE hit! I use DD ideas for planned dates, but I keep what I call my “DD Rainy Day” stash full of printables. I print out things I love and save them for when I think my husband might need a pick-me-up. Yesterday he worked a 13 day shift and since I was going to be leaving the house to meet with my sisters before he got home I decided it would be the perfect time to pull these out from my “stash” and leave them all over the house. He was so drained when he called me on the way home from work, but was SO HAPPY when he walked in to see my surprise. So much so that he posted on Facebook about how the laughs came at the perfect time with a photo of the sticky notes he’d found (he rarely posts anything on Facebook unless its sports related, so this was huge!). Thank you DD for your wonderful ideas and for continually making me feel like Wife of the Year!

    1. Oh Heather that is so awesome! Hearing that is what we live for around here! We are so glad you enjoyed, thank you so much for sharing that with us. XO

  2. I am so happy that I saw your website. I just got into a relationship. Some of your tips are for married couples but I’ll try ’em out with my boyfriend. Thank you so much Dating Divas!

    1. That’s awesome! We all started out dating our hubbies, right?! There are several Divas on the team who started doing Diva dates before they got married too! A fun date is a fun date, plus all of the resources from improving any relationship. We are SO glad to have you here! XO