Get to Know You Game with Questions for Couples

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The Best Getting to Know You Game

If you’re looking for a way to deepen your connection and spend more meaningful time together, these get to know you questions for couples will be the perfect game for you! This is a fun and playful date night/game night that your sweetie and you are sure to love! You know, I’ve been thinking, there are two things I love about being with my hubby (okay, there’s a zillion more than two, but go with me here). One –  I love all the little quirky things about each other we already know. Two – I love when we are surprised by something we never knew about each other.

So in celebration of the familiar and unexpected about each other, this date night invites you and your sweetie to get acquainted in a fun new way – with your very own…

“Get to Know Me” Matching Game


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Now, you and I both know that some dates are planned and anticipated in advance… and others are last minute afterthoughts. I intend to offer fun options regardless of how much time you have to plan!

Yep, I’m giving you TWO options for playing.  

Both include these fabulous printables made by Leah Aldous – how great is she?!


Option 1:

  1. Print out two copies of those fun printables – one for each of you. (Page 2 is intended to be printed as the back of each page of the “clues”!)
  2. Both of you will then review the clues and snap pics around the house or around town of places, people, or objects that have special meaning and correspond with the clues.
  3.  I suggest you also print off the Key at the end of the printable and write in your answers so you don’t forget!
  4. Each of you will then match the picture with the correct clue!

So print out the pics or drop off at 1-hour photo, have dinner, then play the Matching Game over dessert!

Variation: You can also utilize all those magazines you have lying around to cut the clues out of those glossy pages!   And if you think of some personalized clues not mentioned in my list? No problem – blank clue sheets included!


Option 2:

Friday night, date night sneak up on you? Or maybe snapping pics and cutting images out of magazines isn’t really your thing? Never fear, the last several pages of the printable can be used all by themselves! I suggest filling out your own copies first, then give each other blank copies to write in the answers based on your own knowledge of the other. Just like with the individual clues, there’s a space for you to write in your own if you so choose!


I hope you and your sweetie have as much fun on this date night as I did putting it together – it’s all about getting to know each other, over and over again!

Happy matching!

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  1. I am trying to figure out how exactly to play this game. Do I cut out the squares? Do we read the squares and snap picture of what we think the answer is for our hunny?

    1. Hello!! Thanks for reaching out! If you go with “Option 1” (the posts explains 2 options for playing) then yes, you’ll cut out the little cards to use during your date. You’ll want to take pictures of YOUR answers to the questions ahead of time. You can use the “key” printable to know what to take pictures of. Then when you sit down for date night you can use the cards to select which question you guys will be guessing about each other! 🙂

    1. Hi Alex! Oh no! We are so sorry that you are having trouble printing. Have you tried downloading it to your computer first and opening that saved file to print? If that doesn’t work, please email us at divas@thedatingdivas. and we can try to help troubleshoot the problem! Thank you!!

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