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In case you haven’t already guessed….our blog is all about strengthening the relationship that you have with your spouse.  {wink} ….and although that is one of the MOST important relationships you can have….it’s also important to have a healthy balance in your life.  Men like confident, self-assured women.  Women who aren’t completely dependent on their husbands.  Women who have their OWN interests, hobbies, and FRIENDS…..

I’m talkin’ about GUUUUURRRRRRLLLLLfriends!!

My husband is my soul mate, confidante, and best friend.  I go to him first with all of my triumphs, problems, and ideas.  BUT – there is something about having a FUN and/or DEEP conversation with one of my girlfriends that I feel is a much needed part of my life as well!  Sometimes you just need that GIRL TIME!!!

Jamie and I decided long ago that we needed to make sure we had regular “GNO’s”.  (Guyz Night Out/Girlz Night Out) Long before I met him, he had that tradition going with some of his best friends.  They would plan at least once a month go out to eat some sushi, play some x-box, watch action movies, shoot some hoops…..all stuff that most women wouldn’t want to do.  They had some much needed “male-bonding” time.
At first, I didn’t appreciate being left behind….but it only took me ONE night out with my girls to realize that I needed that girl bonding time JUST as much!!  It created a happy and healthy balance to our lives!!

This past summer we decided to have our FIRST “Diva Retreat”.  We wanted to accomplish some blogging business BUT have a fun Girlz Weekend all at the same time!  I was SO excited since I hadn’t had a weekend with my girls since BEFORE I was married!!  Kristen found a beautiful home we could rent in St. George, UT.  The divas live in FIVE different states….and this was a central meeting spot for us.  🙂  {We obviously had a tricky time getting everyone together and three of the divas weren’t able to make it.  We MISSED you girls!!}


The House We Stayed In


We posted some of our pics on our Facebook Fan Page….BUT…I am going to share even MORE of the “inside scoop” about our weekend in hopes that I can convince all of you to immediately BOOK a trip with your OWN girlfriends!!  🙂  It’s JUST what you need!!  Promise!  If you can’t spare a weekend away just yet, if this post at least convinces you to go out ONCE with your girlfriends….we will consider that a success.  Baby steps, right?!?
Carpools of giddy girls….er….I mean…WOMEN…..started to arrive at the destination house.  Kristen & I made sure we arrived first to “prep” everything and leave little surprises on everyone’s beds.  Then – we chatted as some of us quickly finished up our “Diva Presents” for each other….and waited for the rest of the divas to arrive.  {Nothin’ like gettin down to crunch time, right ladies!}
As soon as everyone was there….we headed off to OLIVE GARDEN!  Seriously, you cannot go wrong with their breadsticks!  YUM-my!!  Here we are just chillin’….and dreaming about how many BREADSTICKS we were gonna scarf! ….or maybe that was just me….

L to R: Wendy, Me, Char, Bridget, Lisa M.
Little did we know….we were about to encounter….”Scary Olive Garden Man”….Du, Du, DUH!!!!


L to R: Lisa P., Kiirst, Kari
I kid you not…there was a seriously CREEPY man who kept walking by our table….and stopping…and just standing there!  Gulp!  Although it weirded us out a little….we sure had fun scaring each other later….referencing the “Scary Olive Garden Man”.  Thanks a lot, Lisa M.!!!!
We sure gobbled THAT food up!!  We may be girls, but we sure know how to pack away the food! 🙂 I’m sure it was even YUMMIER because none of us had to make it!  🙂  We had so much fun just chatting and laughing our heads off…..exactly what wives should do when they are away from their husbands!  Perfect way to start off our vacation!!
The “Tara Pose” according to Char…
We had all decided to prepare fun gifts for each other…something to do with dating your spouse.  I tell ya….Christmas came EARLY for us this year!  {You better believe our husbands were excited when we showed them our “stash” when we got home!  lol}  I think we’ve showcased most of our “goodies” in tutorials we have posted on here.  Just WAIT until next year…..we have so many FUN crafts in store.  Yer man is gonna LUUUUVVVEEEEEE you….only if you make them!   🙂
Exchanging “DIVA” Presents
Remember THIS post that Kari wrote about her “sexy” P.J.’s??  Kiirst just happens to be modeling HER set in the pic below…..alongside our adorable 7 ½ month pregnant diva, Wendy.  Wendy is LIVING PROOF that you can look hot AND have a ball when preggers!  No excuses now, ladies!!  🙂
Now, WHAT trip would be complete without your nightly WALMART RUNS??
Trip #1:
Trip #2:
Ahem…there may or may not have been even MORE trips….and what did we DO at good ‘ole Walmart, you ask?!?  Oh….you know…the normal stuff……
And THIS is the diva responsible for our Alarm Clocks going off at THREE in the morning?!?
{Love ya, Lisa!!!  ….but watch out next year……lol…}
Now, if you are going to be with your “gal pals” and you are SLEEPING in the same house for a few nights….then you gotta do the masks!   Especially when you have a Mary Kay guru in the house like our diva, Char!!
Oh, believe me when I tell you we looked GOR-GEOUS with those fabulous masks on……
Er….ok, OK, maybe not!  {lol} But, we sure had fun!! 🙂  We should have gone to Walmart like THIS, huh!  Ok, confession time….we ALMOST did….and then chickened out.  🙂
Not only did we “beautify” our faces…..but talented Lisa M. went to work and Glittered UP our toes!! (P.S. She ALSO does hair! If you live in Utah and need a FAB hairstylist – shoot an email to us and she will get right back to you with her contact info.)  She and Kristen are the ONLY two I trust with my hair….and now that I live in a different state…my hair is ALWAYS a wreck!  🙂 Ugh!
Ok…where were we??  Oh, yes – our GLITT-ER-Y toes!!  {SQUEAL}
Our husbands sure like that part when we went home….maybe because it meant less pedicures…..which in turn means spending less money…..
Now, believe it or not, but we actually managed to accomplish a bit of blogging biz-ness as well…..including a Video Shoot!!
Cute Kiirst is a NATURAL in front of the camera!
(I am blocking video camera…promise it’s in front of me….lol.)

…and then we beautified ourselves to prepare for our PHOTO SHOOT!!  Perfect time to snap photos of each other to give to your spouse.  We are lucky enough to have TWO fabulous photographers as fellow divas!  Bridget & Kristen produce the most beautiful photos!

Kari & Wendy all BEAUTIFIED & ready to go!
Ok…I HAD to put this photo in of Char!  It’s TOO cute.  She was demonstrating how to pose during a photo shoot…..and Kristen snapped the photo at JUST the right time.  Char looks like a cute little bunny rabbit sneaking into the house!  Haha…..LOVE it!!  This makes me giggle every time I look at it!
We, of COURSE had to have FUN during our Photo Shoot!!  I present to you……

Kristen said that she was rolling on the floor laughing as she looked through the photos during editing!  She cropped each one of the divas best jump to show off!

….and the winner of the BEST jump is Wendy!  More than SEVEN months pregnant… and in heels! Girl, you rock!!!

How on earth could someone sum up this absolutely FABULOUS…and MUCH needed weekend? It’s tricky….but here goes nothin’….

Big House, Facials, Glitter Toes, Fashion, 3:00 AM Alarm Clocks, Laughter, Crafts, Yummy Food, Golf Cart Mishap, Photo Shoots, Bleary-Eyed Blogging Meeting, Walmart Runs, Practical Jokes, Crazy Olive Garden Man, Sassiness, Video Shoot, No Sleep, Friendship….BEST Girlz Weekend EVER!! (“PING!”)

I can’t WAIT until our Diva Retreat NEXT summer!!!

What are you waiting for?? Call your girlfriends ASAP and start planning your night for some serious GIRL TALK!! 🙂


I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family… especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! After a long infertility journey, we brought two miracle babies into this world via IVF and then a SURPRISE bundle of joy recently decided to join us. I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST running this website with some of my closest friends. Life just keeps getting better and better!

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  1. Your weekend Diva retreat looked like it was OH SO FabUlous!!! I loved the Wal-Mart runs, photo shoot and Mary Kay masks. Every girl needs to be a DIVA and have a GNO (or weekend) with her friends to let loose and have fun……you go girls!!!

    1. Thanks, Aimee! We had SOOOO much fun! We are planning our next one this coming August! 🙂 Whoot Woot! I completely agree…..girls just GOTTA have some amazing g-friends. It’s very healthy and VERY needed!

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