Golden “Bedroom” Ticket

Sexy Date Idea


Wanna Wonka?!

There’s no riddle here, just a mouth-watering, Willy Wonka inspired invite that will present your spouse with the ULTIMATE golden ticket! Ready for another sexy date idea?

Willy Wonka inspired bedroom invitation
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Initiating romance can be the hardest part of the entire process. But with this adorable invite, created by Alexa Zurcher (check her out, she’s SUPER talented), there is no way your spouse could turn you down for a romantic and sexy evening….especially if it includes a little chocolate taste testing and a fun bedroom game!

Grab a chocolate candy bar and wrap it in the “Wanna Wonka” candy wrapper. Place it inside the invite and leave it out for your spouse to find.

Golden Ticket Invite

When they open it, they will receive the ULTIMATE Golden Ticket to the bedroom, including the date and time!

Intimacy Bedroom Ideas

Be ready and waiting for your spouse with our DIY Chocolate Body Paint Recipe.  {Not into DIY? This is also a fun option!} We’ve even included a darling, printable tag for the finished goods!

Golden Ticket Chocolate Body Paint

Now comes the best part! An evening of sensual seduction using your hands for painting and your mouth for romancing.  We’ve even included some other flirtatious, printable candy tags – exclusively for other Willy Wonka treats!

Golden Ticket Candy Tags

Share these teasing, love notes and goodies with your spouse after your romantic evening, or save them as small gifts to present throughout the week! All you will need is these darling printables and the candy! Oh and scissors and tape! {Pack them away in either of these adorable baskets to make it a real treat! Wicker Basket or Polka dot basket} Now to the yummy part…CANDY! For quick and easy shopping, find them here: Gobbstoppers, Sweettarts, Sprees, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and Fun Dip. YUM!


Golden Ticket Love Notes

With this quick and easy idea, you’ll have satisfied both their need for romance AND their sweet tooth!

Aren’t you the perfect spouse?!

If chocolate is your thing, try our heavenly Chocolate Tasting Date Night!

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