“Head of the Class” Game

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School is back in session!

And whether or not you’re excited, we have a fun twist on the oldie but goodie game, the Head of the Class! Only this time, it’s trivia about your relationship! Uh-oh {wink wink}


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Remember all those getting to know you questions you’d ask during the dating days?!  Like, what’s your dream job? What was your High School Mascot? Do you remember your spouse’s responses?!  Let’s hope so!  Tonight, you’ll see who is the Relationship Smartie with a great couples game, Head of the Class!

How to Play:

1. Print out the adorable, colorful printables designed by Tasha at Whimsicle Design.

2. Cut out the game pieces.  (For the player pieces, be sure to leave them connected somewhere in the middle so they stand up properly!)


3. Each spouse will fill out the answers on their corresponding game card.


4. To start the game, roll a dice.  The person who rolled the highest score will ask the first question.  If you don’t have a die near by, a good ole fashion game of rock-paper-scissors will do the trick!

5. Take turns asking each other a question from the list.  If answered correctly, move one space on the game board.  For each incorrect answer, move back 1 space.

6. The first person to reach the “head of the class” is the Relationship Smartie and is awarded the bright printable with the sweet treats attached. OH, and they have bragging rights for the night! {wink, wink}


Free Download

Head of the Class Game Pieces

Printables Designed by Tasha @ Whimsicle Designs Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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  1. We played this last night! I have one suggestion that helped me… after cutting out the players I glued each one (separately) back to back, then glued them to squares of Dove chocolates. It helped the people stand up better and we got to unwrap and eat the chocolate after the game was over. (BTW, my hubby won the “Smartie” award! LOL)
    Thanks for the great game!! I love this website! 🙂

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