Couple’s Valentine’s Day Planner

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and we have the PERFECT idea to get you ready!

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Is it just me, or do guys get a LOT of pressure when it comes to V-day?  

The Valentine ads and commercials are everywhere urging men to go all out and impress their ladies.  To some men, it feels like their success {or failure} on this ONE day  is the final judgement on how good of a husband they really are.  Not really fair, huh?  

And to be fair, it can be tricky for some of us women, too.  

Let’s face it- most of us LOVE the romance.  We see the sweet, romantic ads and the stores full of sentimentality and can’t wait to see what he has in store.  Yes, we know that real love is shown EVERY day, and is more than just a card or flowers on Valentine’s day.  But when there is an official holiday to celebrate love, and you are in love- why not celebrate?  And for some women whose husbands’ don’t seem to value V-day, it’s really hard to see all of the women around them get showered with love, and feel like yours doesn’t care.  Ahhh.. what’s a couple to do? 

Here’s the Problem…

We always hear that “men can’t read your mind.”  If you have certain expectations or desires in your relationship- you need to express them!  Right?  BUT here’s where it gets tricky for us women.  We don’t want to tell them exactly what to do, because we like the surprise- that’s part of what makes it romantic, right?   BUT that’s where it gets tricky for some guys.  They’re not always as creative as women and they feel inadequate when it comes to thinking up spontaneous, romantic surprises.  They feel like we’re setting them up to fail.

 So what do we do?  Forget about V-day altogether?  Give up on “traditional” romance?

Never you fear!  We have the perfect V-day solution to get you BOTH on the same page!  

Yep, we’ve come up with a GREAT compromise! {After all, Valentine’s day should be about BOTH of you!!}  

Time to take the pressure OFF!

This year, you can plan your Valentine’s Day together AND still be able to surprise each other!

That’s right- you don’t have to read each others’ minds AND you both get to be surprised!  


OPERATION: Valentine

A Valentine’s Day Planner- for HIM And HER

Yep, one of favorite designers, Sameeha from The Inked Leaf , created these couple’s planners just for our readers!  So this year, you can work together to plan a rockin’ V-day!  And we know that every couple’s communication “style” is a little different- so we even have THREE different options for you to choose from…

OPTION 1:  Turn it into a game


This first option is more than just a boring ol’ planner- it’s a way to turn your Valentine planning into a flirty game!

You’ll be recruiting your honey into OPERATION: Valentine and giving him his TOP SECRET Mission Objections.  Including some very important Rules of Engagement.  

{Oh, and I should tell you that it was written up by my brother-in-law, 1st Lieutenant Wilhelm of the US Army.  So that makes it totally legit.  Just sayin’}


 The planner on the first page is for the Valentine’s Day Date Coordinator and will outline their specific objectives.  We think this would be a great “mission” for the HUBBY, since the wife is usually the one who most appreciates romantic dates.


The planner on the second page is for the Valentine’s Day Intimacy Coordinator and will outline their specific objectives.  We think this would be a great “mission” for the WIFE, since the hubby is usually the one who most appreciates sexy surprises.


This is supposed to be FUN so go ahead and turn it into a whole date.

If you like to keep it simple…

Then just print out the two different planners and stick them in two envelopes labeled “His” and “Hers.”  Then when date night rolls around, you can hand him his TOP SECRET orders and enjoy some snacks and drinks while you plot and plan your “mission objectives” on opposite sides of the table.  {No peeking!}  I recommend having a laptop, tablet, or smart phone handy for both of you so you can search for your ideas online.  {Yep, we’ve included a couple links to help ya out!}   If you want, you can even head to the store after that and split up to purchase any materials or supplies you’ll need to complete your “mission objectives.”  It’s kind of fun having to hide from each other while you shop.  😉

If you’d like to go all out… 

Then  you can turn this into a full-on, military-themed date.  Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing:

  • Round up some camo gear for both of you to wear.  {You can get HIS and HERS costumes here and save them for Halloween}
  • Play the part of his “commanding officer.”  When he gets home from work, have your solider report to “the barracks” to change out of his civilian clothes.
  • Make him go through “combat training” before receiving his top secret orders.  {Nerf Wars would be fun!}
  • After accepting his “top secret mission,” eat dinner together in the “mess hall”  {The dining room works fine, or take him out to eat}
  • End the night with “video surveillance”  {AKA- watching a movie.  We have a whole bunch of movie date night ideas here!}

OPTION 2: Let Him Choose

If you’d rather give your husband some choices instead of  specific “objectives,” then option 2 on page 3 would be great for you.  Basically, it just helps you divide up who is doing what for Valentine’s Day.  The cute poem on the printable explains it all…

Love Day is almost here!  Wanna make it extra special this year?
You see, I’ve got a little plan.  And I’m really hoping that you’ll be a fan.
Below are 4 things for us to do.  So how about we each pick 2?
Just plan your parts, but don’t tell me.  Then we’ll both be surprised, you see.
So… are you game?  What do you say?  Let’s plan a really rockin’ V-day!

OPTION 3:  Get Straight to the Point

If you know that your man would rather you get straight to the point, without any cute poems or sugar coating – then option 3 is the way to go.


 Just print off the note, add in your names, and let him know the plan…

Valentines Day is coming up, and I KNOW
it’s hard to think of creative and romantic ideas.
So I’m gonna help you out.
{Cuz I’m an awesome wife like that}
Check out THIS site {}
and pick out ANY date and gift idea to do for me.
{Cuz you totally love me! Huh?}
And guess what?! I’m gonna be checking the site
out too and picking out a gift idea for YOU
{and a totally sexy bedroom surprise too}.
What do you say?! Let’s plan a rockin’ V-day!

With three different options to choose from, we’re sure you can find the right one for you and your man!

Okay, are you ready?

OPERATION: Valentine has officially begun- now go draft your solider!

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  1. Okay i am kinda confused.about what im.supposed to do. I printed out the pages. But how am i supposed to fill out the objectives page?

    1. Stephanie- you can just print out the pages and leave it as is. The objectives are for you and your hubby to act as a sort of check-list when you’re planning your part. So you can check off when it’s done and write down any notes you need to. Hope that clarifies it. 🙂

  2. Love this idea! This is going to be a great valentines day! He’s loveable, but clueless, so this will be great!

  3. I cannot get the “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY PLANNERS” link to do anything! Sad day! Please help.

    1. Hmmmm… it’s working fine on my end. What browser are you using? I’d try clearing your cache and using a different browser and then let us know if it’s still giving you trouble.

  4. Are we supposed to check the objective boxes that we want our hubby to do for us? Or do we let him choose? I feel like my hubby might be a little overwhelmed with all of his options!

    1. Totally up to you! You definitely know what would work best with your hubby! Hope it helps take some of the pressure off of V-day this year. 🙂

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