How To Increase Intimacy In Marriage and The Ultimate Intimacy App!

Increasing intimacy in your marriage is now easier than ever with the help of the Ultimate Intimacy app.

Every married couple knows the importance of intimacy in marriage. Because when intimacy is lacking, a marriage can really suffer. But maintaining intimacy requires both time and effort, something that can be in short supply for busy couples trying to juggle careers, families and other aspects of life. Luckily, if you are feeling like something is lacking in your marriage and want a deeper connection with your spouse we have some tips and a great tool (the Ultimate Intimacy app) for increasing physical and emotional intimacy in your marriage. 

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

Ways to Increase Intimacy in Marriage

If your marriage seems to be lacking in intimacy, don’t despair! There are ways that you and your spouse can strengthen and deepen both physical and emotional intimacy. 


Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!


Try New Things

Make intimacy FUN. Last year we shared our experience using the Ultimate Intimacy app, a free app created by two Christian couples on a mission to “strengthen marriages by making lovemaking fun and deepening couples’ connection and intimacy”Based on a lot of research and testing they created the app. You can read the whole review here

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

Talk More

Deep and meaningful intimacy in your marriage depends on the quality of human interaction. Texting and emailing are important ways for you to get practical things done and to stay in touch when you are apart and too busy to talk. But electronic communication is not enough to maintain real emotional intimacy. That is why Ultimate Intimacy app includes a whole set of conversation starters to help get you started. This is one of my favorite features about the app. No more awkward silence and you’ll not only be able to connect but you just might learn something new about each other along the way!

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

Find Ways to Spend More Time Together

Let’s face it, life is BUSY and it can be hard to find time together as a couple!  Having children in the home can often magnify that difficulty. We have heard some great advice and would love to share it with you, and even challenge you to commit to 30 minutes of time together each day. This can be after the kids are in bed or maybe in the morning before the day really begins. Take care of tasks together, like dishes, laundry and grocery shopping, so that the things can get done faster and you can spend more time together as a couple.

You may decide to have a dessert together at a set time every weekend so that you can feel relaxed and engage in good conversation. A weekly date night, lunch together once or twice a week, or regular walks around your neighborhood can increase the time you spend together. Making time to focus on each other without the kids or other distractions is critical to maintaining intimacy.

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

Be A Safe Place for Your Spouse

When you know another person as well as you know yourself, you can sometimes unintentionally (or intentionally) hurt each other. We want to strive to be kind and loving partners who help each other feel loved, valued, and safe. When we make the environment safe for our spouses, emotional intimacy finds its place naturally.

Unfortunately, many people have experienced hurt from those who they trusted, felt unloved, or learned bad relationship habits. If you have a habit of belittling or emotionally attacking those who are close to you, these habits will sabotage intimacy, creating a wall in your marriage. But there is hope and there is time to start over. You CAN rebuild trust and increase intimacy. One of the best ways is practicing kindness. Practice being a safe place for your spouse in and outside of the bedroom.  

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

Book Club for Couples

By reading a book together and discussing what you are reading, you can increase intimacy. One of our Divas reads books with her spouse and writes notes in it. Then she and her husband swap their notes. There are so many great books about strengthening marriage that you can read together, but you don’t have to restrict it to marriage related. You can choose a novel, biography, or a book about a common interest. Just reading together and talking about what your read can strengthen the trust and communication aspects of emotional intimacy, giving you a chance to share your feelings and insights into each other’s thoughts.


Create a Marriage Bucket List

We here at the Dating Divas love dating our spouses and doing fun things together! We want to encourage you to put together a “bucket list”, of things that you enjoy doing together, and then carve out time to do the things on the fun list. One great exercise is to think about all the things you did when you were dating or newlyweds that you loved doing, and put them on your fun list. Try out new hobbies or things you have always wanted to try. We recommend making an official appointment or date with yourself and putting it on the calendar. Protect this time together like you would any other important appointment.  By spending time doing things you enjoy together, you can build shared memories and experiences while strengthening your emotional intimacy.

Speaking of bucket lists, one of the new features of the Ultimate Intimacy app is the sex bucket list. This is something you and your spouse create together and check-off as you try out your new adventures! {Wink} 

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

Invest in Marriage Enriching Activities

There are plenty of resources out there in our communities, churches or even marriage retreats for couples. A lot of couples find that this kind of investment in their relationship pays big dividends. You can even find some online. Getting into a structured setting with other couples and a professional counselor or clergy can really help develop a deeper and stronger marriage relationship. This kind of focused commitment to improving your marriage can be a big investment of time but may bring significant returns in every facet of your intimacy.


Need More Ways to Increase Intimacy in Marriage? The Ultimate Intimacy App can help!

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

Can you believe there is so much great content packed into this one app?! You are going to be amazed when you download it. Plus, they are always adding more content and thinking up new ways to make it even better! We shared some of our favorite features about the app the first time around so make sure you check out all the details in that post too.

But now we wanted to share some of the NEW things they’ve added since then:

  • New Positions with over 200 positions and love making ideas you and your spouse will never run out of new and exciting things to try. And don’t worry, they’ve even made sure that the positions are not graphic. They can even be bookmarked into your favorites.
  • Couples Mode where you and your spouse can sync with each other’s phones for more interactive functions. How cool is that?!
  • Spicy invites that you can send to your spouse to get them in the mood or just let them know you love them.
Not to mention the new articles and resources they have added, all focused on strengthening your marriage and creating intimacy with your spouse. How great is that?!

How To Get The Ultimate Intimacy App

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!


  • Next, it’s time to spice things up in the bedroom! The app has several components, but the main component is the bedroom game. It’s really easy: begin by filling in you and your spouse’s names, select what levels you want to play, then tap the Play button. You take turns following prompts of things to do for each other.


  • The game progresses from Romance to Foreplay, and on to hot and steamy bedroom activities that you’ll both enjoy. The timer in the app keeps the game moving along. There are hundreds of possible actions, and with a little randomness in the game, it’s a fun and exciting experience every time you play. You can even “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” the things you like or don’t like (like Spotify). You can even add your own actions. These features are for the paid version but it’s a SUPER low price. #worthit and who knows, you might discover something new you and your spouse really like!

Find Out What Others Are Saying About the Ultimate Intimacy App!

Increase your marriage today with the FREE Ultimate Intimacy App!

In our first post about the Ultimate Intimacy app we shared our reviews from our Diva team. Hop on over and check them out! But you don’t have to take our word for it, take a look at what others have had to say too!

5 star
“AMAZING This is a truly epic app. What a beautiful way to discuss intimacy with your spouse! I really love how you can customize the app to your own preferences, at the same time trying new things that will stretch you. Hands down the best money that I have ever spent on an application. THANK YOU!”
5 star
We love this app! The game aspect is a ton of fun, but that’s only one part of the app. There are so many resources and guides at your fingertips. This really is the “ultimate” intimacy app!
5 star
“It’s just a nice, lovely addition to our evenings. It’s fun, varied and and nicely made and professionally put together. I can’t recommend this app enough”.

As you can see people all over are fallng in love with the Ultimate Intimacy app. It truly is everything that I would have put into an app that I were creating, and it looks like they’re planning on adding so much more in the months to come (like sexy coupons to send to your spouse!).

After years of helping to strengthen marriages we still blush a little when talking about all of these intimacy things, ESPECIALLY the physical intimacy side. But that is why the Ultimate Intimacy app is SO awesome! It helps guide us as we learn more about our marriage and partner. Life may not come with an instructional manual but the Ultimate Intimacy app is an instructional manual for intimacy!  Because with the Ultimate Intimacy App, it’s much more than “just sex”, it’s intimacy in every form–physically, emotionally, and spiritually and makes maintaining a strong connection with our spouse so much easier. 

Now hop on over and download the Ultimate Intimacy App. You won’t regret it. It’s free, fun and easy!

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