How to Keep the Love Alive When Apart

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Staying Strong When Miles Apart

Long-distance relationships are soooo hard.  We know, and we commiserate! Sometimes people try to make you feel better by saying yours isn’t as bad/long/hard as what they had to do… we’re not going to do that. No matter the days/weeks/years apart, we just want to help you get through it! The Divas have put their brains together for their best advice and the best tips and tricks to keep the love burning across the miles.

Staying in love even when miles apart.

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 1. Leave Little Gifts/Notes – Divas Gabby and Heather both love using the “Open When Letters.” We also love Diva Becca’s idea of hiding surprises and then sending a little text to “look under the bed” or “check the glove box” to keep the times apart interesting.

2. Celebrate Holidays/Milestones – Diva Jessica enjoys sending her sweetie emails or texts to recognize the little things. Who wouldn’t want a reminder that it’s Spouse Appreciation Day!? Utilize the postal service and send holiday-themed care packages!

3. Take One Day at a Time – Diva Heather is a military wife and has learned a few tricks to get through deployments. She recommends that instead of a daily countdown, {the difference between 200 days and 150 can still look really daunting!} do a percentage countdown! Try using the app “Doing Time” to see the percentage that you have overcome!

4. Keep in Contact – During a long separation, the nightly phone calls might dwindle to every other day, weekly, or even further apart. Work hard to stay in contact! It’s not always going to be possible to have that nightly phone call, but don’t slip on the emails or the snail mail! No matter how “vanilla” your day may have been, talk about it as you would if you and your honey were chatting as you went to sleep.

5. Keep Busy – So many of the Divas mentioned this as the #1 thing to help them through long distance separations. Find something to do besides watching the days tick by. Some of our favorite suggestions are: learning a new skill, serving others, and accomplishing goals you’ve had but pushed off!

To help you keep the love light burning, we have pulled together our favorite ideas so you have an arsenal to fall back on when times are tough and the miles are far!

Ok! The wait is over, now let’s get scrolling!

25 Diva-Inspired Long-Distance Love Ideas

The Divas have some experience with the long-distance love thing. Because of this, we tried to think of what we needed and help get that to the readers {YOU!}. These are some of our favorite ideas, all gathered up in one place.

Diva-inspired ideas on how to keep the love alive when apart.

Tips on how to keep the love alive when apart through technology.

1Long-Distance Apps – Technology makes it so easy to stay connected! Try these long-distance apps during your time apart. 

2. Date Long-Distance Style – Skype is a lifesaver during a separation! 

3. Lori Mercer Marriage Makeover – Lori has so many great ideas about communication while apart, this advice is gold!

4. 365 Text Messages – This text message pack would be so helpful as those days stretch on and the texts get stagnant. 

5. Long-Distance Virtual Tour of Europe – This idea is so brilliant! Go an a tour of Europe from your own computer while miles apart!

Tips on how to keep the love alive when apart through snail mail.

6. Worth a Thousand Words – Can you imagine how fabulous it would be to receive a photo album at the end of a separation?! 

7. Open When Letters – Adorable printables to go with an adorable idea.

8. Panty Gram – This one’s a little saucy! Remind your spouse how much you care and miss them… and their love 😉

9. Love Letter of the Month Club – We love the help this pack brings to writing the perfect love letter – even better if you and your sweetie can only write snail mail!

10. Separation Postcard Pack – Split up these adorable, printable postcards and send each other notes while apart! 

How to keep the love alive when apart through packages.

11. Long Distance Super Hero Gift – Gift boxes are always so fun to receive, but receiving one that says you’re a super hero? AMAZING. 

12. Military Date Night in a Box Survival Kit – One of our AMAZING readers submitted this idea on how she and her husband made it through their deployment.

13. Father’s Day Gift Box – This may be specific to dads, but it doesn’t have to be limited to Father’s Day!

14. Date Night in a Box – We’ve had Divas use this by including the same items in the box that they have at home, then doing the date simultaneously! Brilliant! 

15. Cheer Up Care Package – It is hard to stay positive if you feel like you are tackling life on your own. Send your sweetheart a Cheer Up Kit to help out!

Tips on how to keep the love alive when apart through adorable printables!

16. Printable, Personalized Love Posters – Get these brilliant prints done on engineer sized paper to make a BIG impact.

17. Candy Love Notes – There are a few different categories, including long-distance love! Check out the adorable sayings that will bring smiles across the world.

18. Long-Distance Date Night Check List – If you are stumped on how to have date night when so far away from your spouse, this is the perfect printable for you!

19. 10 Long-Distance Love Quotes – Affirmation that you can make it through a separation is essential! Keep some of these prints for yourself and send some along with your spouse. 

20. Someday We’ll Live in the Same Place – Just the knowledge that there is an end in sight can be the tie you both need.

Ideas on how to keep the love alive when apart.

21. Flat Hubby – This is both hilarious and sweet 🙂 Bring a “flat hubby” {ask your kids about Flat Stanley if you are confused} on your daily adventures and send your real, live, 3D hubby some photos of your excursions!

22. A Private Affair – These conversations starters can help you learn more about each other, even while apart!

23. Missing You Much – This cute idea uses M & M’s to remind your one and only just how much you’re missing them!

24. Pillow Talk Questions – Those nightly phone calls are essential to staying connected – but sometimes you may feel like you’re just repeating the same thing over and over. Try these to switch it up!

25. Photo a Day Challenge – Create new memories together through photos, even while apart! Use this challenge to take a photo for every day that leads back to your honey’s arms.

10 Other GREAT Long Distance Love Ideas

We scoured the web to find a few more ideas that we love and want to incorporate next time our love has to go their own, separate way for a little while. Here are 10 of our very favorite ideas!

Great ideas on how to keep the love alive when apart.

Long distance ideas to stay close.

26. 6 Apps for Long-Distance Romance – These are great apps that you can both use to make it through! {We even want to try some of these when not going through an LDR!}

27. Long-Distance Playlist – We love playlists! This one is super cute because even though distance can make us sad and mopey, it sticks to the happy, upbeat songs!

28. 20 Long-Distance Love Prompts – We love, love letters, so of course these 20 prompts made our list! Grab some beautiful stationary and get writing!

29. Two Player Games for Distance Couples – Finding 2 player games can be tough, but trying to find them to play when you aren’t physically together is even harder! This list is a great resource!

30. 130 Things to Do Online in Real Time – This is a great way to “date” while apart – share the online experience!

How to keep the love alive when apart because of distance.

31. Long-Distance Countdown Tracker – Free printables to DIY your own countdown tracker, all you need is a cute picture frame and some dry erase markers!

32. Custom Countdown Chain – This Etsy shop will make you a custom, countdown chain! 

33. Open When Packages – We love how this takes the idea of “Open When Letters” and creates something new – who doesn’t love packages?! 

34. Long-Distance Love Coupons – Who said love coupons can only be used when present? 

35. 20 Care Package Ideas – We love this list of care package ideas to send to someone you love who is far away!

 These are the perfect ideas to keep you and your spouse connected emotionally when you have to be separated physically. We know it is so hard, but the little things {like a text, a postcard, a game at night} will help ease the pain and make the time go by a little faster.

If you are still looking for a few more way to bridge that distance gap, Kari has a fantastic idea called the P.S. I Love You Project and we love Julie’s idea of leaving a Freezer Full of Love if you are the one who has to leave home. Good luck and come back to see what other ideas The Dating Divas have to strengthen your marriage!

And if you’re in a long distance relationship- you should totally check out our Long Distance Love Kit! 

Long Distance Love Kit

It’s packed full! Including: a long distance relationship care package, long distance date in a box, a countdown tracker, long distance prescription gift, AND some long distance romance tips! CHECK IT OUT!


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