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Your AUGUST Freebies are here!

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Your sexy date night is served… on a bingo card! 🔥


  • Cut the printables
  • Take turns choosing a letter + number combo. For example, if you grab an “X3” – look at the top of the card – search for the letter “X” and then go down to column 3 (numbers are on the left-hand side).
  • Complete the action 🔥🔥🔥
  • PS. Complete as many as you’d like in one day – HOWEVER… You can also take turns throughout the week and complete only one each time. Either way, you are in for a steamy time!

We hope you and your sweetie have the best and sexiest date night yet!

*     *     *     *     *     *

National underwear day

August 5th is National Underwear Day! Enjoy this free and sexy invite printable just for you to celebrate this special holiday in the bedroom. Hope you two have the best “no pants party” ever!

*     *     *     *     *     *

bring the carnival to the bedroom 🎡

This summer take the carnival to the bedroom with your sweetie!

On this epic date, we include…

  • Cotton candy-designed invite.
  • Love quote carnival tickets.
  • Epic game.
  • Flirty Prizes.

Carnival Tickets 🎟️

These could not be any cuter! All you do is download the PDF, print it, and cut it! And… voila! These tickets are the perfect addition to your carnival date!

Balloon Pop! 🎈

Balloon Pop is a spin on a classic carnival game!

Here’s how to play –

  • Fill each balloon with printable tickets.
  • Blow up the balloons in your room and set your timer.
  • He has 60 seconds to pop as many as possible.
  • However many he gets determines his prize!


Now, what exactly are the prizes? 

1 Ticket: You Win A High Five!

2 Tickets: You Win A Booty Bump!

3 Tickets: You Win A Chest Bump!

4 Tickets: You Win A 2 Minute Shoulder Rub!

5 Tickets: You Win 3 Kisses On The Cheek and Neck!

6 Tickets: You Win A Passionate Kiss!

7 Tickets: You Win A 5 Minute Back Scratch!

8 Tickets: You Win A 10-Minute Makeout!

9 Tickets: You Win a 15 Minute Intimate Massage!


Thanks to Courtney from Paparelli she was able to create the CUTEST carnival-themed printables.

*     *     *     *     *     *

back to school quiz: couples edition

August has arrived and it is time to get ready for school! But not just any ordinary school, we put a twist on an ordinary quiz for you and your sweetheart! This Back to School Quiz: Couples Edition is all about your marriage! So what are you waiting for? Study below to see how to get an A+ on this adorable couples quiz!

Flirty Rewards

First, fill out the rewards for each letter grade earned on the “Flirty Rewards” page! You can come up with them yourself or make it a fun activity as a couple!

We have to give a huge shoutout to the one and only Courtney at Paparelli for creating the cutest printables!

10 Minute Quiz

Then, give you and your spouse 10 minutes to complete the quiz. Remember, no cheating!

Final Score

At the bottom of your couple’s edition quiz, you will see the “Final Score” that will show you the grading ranks. Now, remember, the more you get right, the better your reward! 😉

*     *     *     *     *     *

new teacher survey

It’s that time of year again.  Time for the kiddos to go back to school. The new year brings all kinds of jitters and we put so much trust in teachers to teach and love our kids.  This month’s freebie is something that we know is going to be a lifesaver for you as you thank your kid’s teachers for all of the preparation they put into their jobs.

Print and send this cute survey with your kiddo to have their teacher fill out.  We’ve provided two survey options (male and female) to choose from. When you get the survey back, snap a quick pic of it and save it on your phone.  When it’s time to thank your child’s teacher you will be ALL SET.  Simply pull up your saved photo to find the perfect gift items.

We’ve also included adorable gift card holders and gift tags to use when it’s gifting time. These are the perfect tags to add to Christmas and teacher appreciation gifts.

Sending you all of the BEST back-to-school vibes as you get your kiddos ready for their first day!

*     *     *     *     *     *

friendship care package

This month we’ve got an adorable kit perfect to send to your best gal pal.  Whether you are wanting to cheer her up, wish her luck, or congratulate her, these printables created by Carisa of Messes to Memories are sure to do it!

Begin by printing and cutting out each printable.

You’ll want to gather a few goodies you know that your g-friend is going to LOVE.  I’ve always found great stuff in the Target dollar spot and at the check-out line at Sephora and World Market.  Once you’ve gathered a good stash, attach the gift tags to your loot.

Now you are all ready to assemble your package. Using double-sided tape, adhere the box flaps to your mailing box.  Fill the box with tissue paper and add in the goodies.

Don’t forget to write your bestie a thoughtful card to top it all off!

*     *     *     *     *     *

summer lovin’ date night

August is Romance Awareness Month and to celebrate, we have created an adorable date night idea just for you and your sweetie!  Say goodbye to summer with this fun Summer Lovin’ Date Night designed exclusively for you by one of our favorite designers, Courtney from Paperelli!

Begin by inviting your summer lover on this hot date night with our adorable popsicle invitation.  Feel free to write a sweet message on the back letting your love know the time and place of your date!

Next, choose a summer activity to enjoy for just the two of you! We have brainstormed a generous list of summer-related activities that are sure to bring on the summer romance!

Use our adorable tags to embellish a summery meal to share together.  Put together a simple picnic for the park OR a treat to share once dinner is devoured.

Finally, finish off the night with a little game of “This or That: Summer Edition”. Choose which “This or That” fits your preference and circle your choice. Take turns seeing how well you know one another by guessing each other’s responses.

We hope you enjoy your last taste of summer!

*     *     *     *     *     *

end of summer picnic

Every year I shed a few tears when I have to say goodbye to summer.  I never find the right way to say goodbye to sleeping in, lazy days by the pool, and hot summer nights.  This month’s FREE printable is all about having “one last hurrah” before it’s time for back to school and sweater weather.    


These fresh and fun printables were designed exclusively for you by the amazing Karyn of If Actually.  Included in this kit, you will find everything you need to make one last memory this summer.  Begin by inviting your guests (or just that one special someone) for a summer picnic. 


Gather snacks and goodies for some lunch in the sun!  Adding these adorable food and drink labels makes the occasion that much more memorable (and not to mention they will have you “picnicking” in style).  


Finish everything off with an end-of-summer bucket list.  Jot down the things you want to do that can only be done in the summertime and plan your last bit of fun!


An end-of-summer picnic will have you savoring summer until the very last bite!

*     *     *     *     *     *

friendship gift idea

August 5th is National Friendship Day!

So for your FREE printable, we decided to make something SUPER cute you can throw together for that ever-so-loved bestie of yours!

2015 Aug Password Post Collage 1

The incredibly talented {and NEW to the Diva-family} Leslie of Nina Bean Designs is the genius behind bringing our friendship printables to life!

This adorable friendship box comes complete with a matching card, TONS of THE cutest gift tags on the planet, and 3 floral embellishments to tie the whole surprise together!

2015 Aug Password Post 05

The idea is that you give your friend 1 small gift {something you LOVE and want to share with them} for every year you have known them! SO cute, right?!

Just print off the card:

2015 Aug Password Post 06

And all your gift tags:

2015 Aug Password Post 02

Fill everything out and start attaching them to all of your gifts:

2015 Aug Password Post 03

And then once you’ve got the WHOLE thing set up:

2015 Aug Password Post 04

Box it up and surprise your sweet friend with a gift she will never forget!

2015 Aug Password Post 07

Happy National Friendship Day! Now go and spread the love!!!

*     *     *     *     *     *

romance awarenes card

Hey, did YOU know August is ROMANCE AWARENESS MONTH?! 

And you can bet that The Dating Divas are alllllll over that!  This month’s FREE printable is this absolutely adorable {and perfectly cheeky} card you can slip into your husband’s briefcase {or lunch bag, or anywhere else} to help spread the romance!

The amazing Leah Aldous created this modern, chic, and UBER flirty card that is sure to get your hubby’s heart beating faster!

The front of the card says, “August is Romance Awareness Month”… and the inside says, “I just want you to know I’ll be aware tonight.”


Isn’t the cuteness out of control?! We should ALL be a little more AWARE of the romance in our lives, right? So let’s take this month to really work on it!

**A couple of quick tips about printing this card, it is actually a double-sided print. It is super easy to do, but you’ll want to make sure you follow the directions ON the printable. But more importantly, you will want to make sure you do a ‘test print’ {using grayscale to save your ink!} first to make sure you know how your printer works. Most printers will work according to the directions we created, but not all printers are created equal.**


I am a passionate, fun, and caring gal married to the most incredible man in the world! Where I am the happiest is in nature with my handsome husband, my sweet baby girl Isla Joe, and my fun doggos Woods and Pancake! I enjoy reliving my glory days by playing volleyball with my girl friends or relaxing at the golf course! I am convinced I could not live without popcorn, caramel apples, and my guilty pleasure, vanilla coke! You can find me outdoors, partying with family, or on that dance floor baby!

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