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FREE Valentine’s Chocolate Candy Wrappers! ūüćę

2021 is coming and what the world REALLY needs is love… sweet, sweet love! So this Valentine’s, let’s spread some chocolate love! Not only does this cute gift come with delicious chocolate but also a sweet note on it! This Valentine’s gift is so easy and inexpensive! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to say I LOVE YOU this Valentine’s Day with these free Valentine’s Chocolate Wrappers! ūüíĚ

How to Create Your Chocolate Lovin’! ūüćę

  1. Print (I prefer to print on cardstock!)
  2. Each page has two printable designs. Making a total of 8 adorable designs!
  3. Then simply cut out and wrap around a standard size candy bar.
  4. I used a Hershey’s bar as my template.
  5. I wrapped it around the chocolate bar and secured with a cute heart sticker on the back. (You can also use tape!)

A huge thank you to our designs by Courtney of Paperelli we couldn’t have made this magic happen without you!

These make the perfect last-minute gifts and you know will be a hit in everyone’s home! Happy Valentine’s Day! ūüíĚ

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Valentine Door Hanger Gift

We’ve got another fun freebie coming at you for Valentine’s Day.¬† This month’s NEW freebie is a sweet little door hanger to give to your “Valentine for life”, aka your spouse.¬† These designs by Courtney of Paperelli are too cute and so easy to pull together.¬† Begin by cutting out your printables and scoring them along the fold lines.¬†

Then, you will need to fold along each folded line.  For the page that creates the pouch, you will fold printed sides into printed sides.  When the pouch is folded it will look like this:

The final step is to adhere the top label to the front of the pouch.  This piece will wrap around the front of the pouch to the back of the door hanger.

AND there you have it! A fun little surprise to hang on your spouse’s door to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.¬† You could leave this for them to find as they leave the house for work, or on a door in your home that you know they will open during the day.¬†


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Sexy Chocolate Surprise

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought we would give you a fun, adorable, EASY PEASY, gift idea your sweetie is sure to love! With the help of Courtney of Paperelli, we designed up this fun and sexy chocolate surprise game perfect for the bedroom.¬† Putting together this game is super easy to do.

You will need:

  • Printables
  • Double sided tape
  • Valentine chocolate box

First, you will want to print out the printables.  We suggest printing the chocolate box covers (BAE Mine and instructions) on cardstock.  The sexy suggestion strips will work best if printed on regular paper.  We have found that the thinner paper works best for hiding under the chocolates in the box. Next up, find a delicious box of chocolates to gift your spouse.  Make sure to choose a box that you and your spouse will both enjoy because during the game you each get to eat the tasty chocolates.

Begin by taping the chocolate box covers.    We have a front cover (BAE Mine) and a back cover with directions on how to play the game.  We suggest using double sided tape for a quick and easy application.

Next, go through the sexy suggestion slips and decide which suggestions you and your spouse would most enjoy.  Once you have chosen your suggestions, fold the small suggestion strips into 4ths.  Then, slip each suggestion under a piece of chocolate in the chocolate box.  As you take out each chocolate make sure to put it back in the correct space so that your chocolates still match the chocolate map included in your box of chocolates.  To wrap it all up, write your own lovey-dovey letter to include with your gift.

Playing the Sexy Chocolate Surprise Game is simple. Each spouse will take turns choosing a piece of chocolate to taste.  Before eating, check underneath the chocolate for a sexy suggestion to follow.  Once you have completed the suggestion, enjoy your chocolate piece.  Play until you have had enough sweets or devoured them all.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to gift chocolates and these fun printables turn an ordinary box of chocolates into something unforgettable.¬† Enjoy!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Mini Valentine Suprise!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out in the cheesy hearts and Valentines department! That’s why this month, we’ve created an adorable V-Day surprise for you to gift your sweetie, kids, and friends!

Carisa of Messes To Memories designed these Dating Divs exclusive mini Valentines and we are absolutely obsessed!¬† We’ve got 2 design options for you to choose from.

Choose the romantic option to give to that sweet spouse of yours.¬† We have 4 mini romantic folded cards for you to choose from.¬† This cute mini Valentine will take you back to your good ol‘ childhood days when you were always excited to give your “crush” that special card chosen just for them!

If you are looking for something for your kiddos to bring to school or a fun Valentine to give your little ones on the day of love, we have some more generic designs to use as well! Personalize each one with a sweet little note.

Hope you enjoy these little minis! Happy Valentine’s Day!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Punny Love Sticky Notes

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you are like me you are scrambling (no pun intended!) for simple easy ways to tell your sweetie you love them on this celebrated day of love. ¬†This month’s freebie is easy, simple, and oh so perfect for doing just that!

Courtney from Paperelli, one of our most favorite designers, designed the most ADORABLE¬†punny sticky love notes that are sure to put a smile on your sweetie’s face.

Prepping is easier than it looks.  In order to make these punny love notes, you will need: blank sticky notes (sized at 3 x 3 inches), a printer, and these adorable printables downloaded to your computer.  Follow the instructions included in the download to print your punny love notes right onto the sticky notes themselves. Genius!

Once your sticky notes are printed, scatter them around the house in clever spots that match the punny messages written on each one.

These cute love notes are sure to make your sweetie laugh, blush, and feel a whole lotta love!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Loved On Purpose Love Notes

We’ve teamed up with the SUPER¬†talented Karyn of If Actually to bring you this absolutely ADORABLE Valentine’s Day surprise!

Free Loved On Purpose Printables

You’ve heard of “random acts of kindness” right? Well, let me introduce you to..

Loved on Purpose!

The way this works is that each day in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, you will treat your spouse to one “Loved on Purpose” act a day!¬†These are just SIMPLE little gestures to tell your sweetie how much you love them! You can leave a crisp $20 bill in their pocket to find later {along with the adorable card… WINK!}.

Loved On Purpose

Or draw some chalk art on the front steps for when they come home… Or you can even change the background on their computer to your favorite picture of the two of you!

Printable Loved On Purpose

We’ve even come up with a list of “Loved on Purpose” ideas to help you get started and it’s included in the printable pack along with adorable cards to leave “at the scene!”

So what are you waiting for?

Start loving your sweetie today!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Lunch Box Love Notes

Who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars on extravagant gifts, when a sweet and¬†meaningful love note can say the same thing?!¬†There’s just nothing sweeter than expressing your love in the simple, everyday parts of life!

February 2015 password post

***Designed by the incredibly talented Leah Aldous!***

Aren’t they just the cutest??! AND there’s SIX different styles to choose from, or just use them all!

February Password Post 2015

Once you’ve sat down and written your love notes, just slip them into your spouse’s lunch to give him that warm fuzzy feeling we all want on Valentine’s Day!

February Password Post Lunchbox love notes

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


I am a free-spirited night owl who always enjoys a good rom-com. My favorite things in life are European chocolates, big cities, and spending quality time with my husband Nick and our 2 kids. You can find me raising my heart rate at the gym, baking delicious (and very unhealthy) cookies at home, or shopping at Sephora (I mean, who doesn't love Sephora?).

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  1. Thank you for these. They’re so helpful in changing my approach to V-Day festivities. The article mentioned a list of ways to use the Loved on Purpose notes. But there was no link. Where can I find it?

    1. Hi Kennie! There is a list in the PDF for the Loved On Purpose love notes. It is the first page of the PDF. These freebie PDFs are sent exclusively to newsletter subscribers. If you are signed up and having trouble viewing them, you can email our customer service gal and she can help you locate them.