Kiss Your Mate Day

A Day Devoted to Kissing Your Sweetheart

Did you know that Kiss Your Mate Day is a real holiday?? Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their love with a kiss… or two!? Or how about a whole day full of kisses!!!!

Kiss Your Mate Day

The official holiday is April 28th… but hey! Don’t limit yourself. You can make any day Kiss Your Mate Day!

Kensie Kate collaborated with us to create these adorable printables that you can use to help make this special day quick and easy!!

The only thing you really have to prep is your kisses. Which is a breeze!

I just bought some sticker paper

and printed my stickers directly onto my sticker paper. Then I used a cute little circle punch to cut them out. It made the job super easy!

Kiss Your Mate Day Stickers

After printing and cutting out the stickers, just stick them on the bottom of your kisses! It adds a little special somethin’ to the whole day.

Free Kisses

Adorable, right?

After your stickers are all prepped, you’ll want to start by inviting your loved one to join you for the special holiday…

I can’t wait to get your TULIPS on mine!!

I can't wait to get your TULIPS on mine, card.

This card has a cute little insert already made for you that explains what the day is all about.

Kiss Your Mate Day Card

The card also has a fun little Kiss-O-Meter on the back to help your spouse keep track of kisses! This will encourage both of you to give lots of kisses all day long!


And if you’re competitive like I am, you’ll want to make sure that you fill that Kiss-O-Meter right up!

And you know where all this affection will lead… 😉

Kisses Cards

The printables include a bunch of fun cards with quotes about kissing… I love how the cards can correspond to different parts of the day.

My Addiction is You

This card would be great for first thing in the morning.

Kiss Me Card

Use this one right before your spouse leaves for work! I think it would be fun if you met your hubby by the door with this card in your hand…

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

As you are headed to bed, invite your spouse to kiss you goodnight!

Kiss Me Goodnight

You can leave trails of chocolate leading to the cards, what a great find, right??

Can I borrow a kiss?

Or you can just place the cards where you know your spouse will find them for a special surprise.

You Have Lips And I Have Lips...

What a great find!

After you’ve spent the day giving and collecting kisses, I’m sure you will feel a lot of love from your spouse! And your spouse will feel loved too! Let go and enjoy each others company with a little more kissing…


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