Let’s Get Wild Bedroom Game

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Bedroom Game

Bring Out Your Inner Tigress

Intimacy is a crucial part of any relationship. Over time, many couples get stuck in an intimacy rut and the fun of it turns into more of a chore!

That should NEVER be the case!

If you’re embarrassed or uncomfortable to let your spouse know that you want ‘try this or do that’ OR if you’re just looking for a new and fun way to spice things up in the bedroom, then our Let’s Get Wild bedroom game is perfect for you!  Invite your spouse to the “Best Show on Earth” and let the crackers do all the talking!

Let's Get Wild Bedroom Game

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Dating Divas Intimacy Disclosure
First, you’ll need to grab a box of animal crackers! The printable cards, designed by the ever-talented Amanda at A-Manda Creation, correspond with the Barnum’s Animal Cracker Box.
Prep the invite for your spouse by folding in the tent doors and adhering the patterned panels to the back to finish it off.  Then, punch a hole in each door and tie them together for a colorfully festive invite.
Circus Animal Bedroom Invite
When your spouse opens the invite, it will inform them of the date and time of the “greatest show on earth.”
Easy Bedroom Game with Animal Crackers
For the game, have a box of animal crackers and your printable deck of cards. The deck of cards are easy to put together – the front is aligned next to it’s corresponding back. When you print them, just fold it down the middle and glue!
Wild Bedroom Game Cards
Then, take turns pulling a cracker!
Animal Cracker Intimate Bedroom Ideas
Whichever animal cracker you pull, find it’s corresponding card and perform the activity on the back to or for your spouse. {This is our fave massage oil!}
Body Check Bedroom Card
Continue until you have finished the entire box or you just can’t keep your hands off of each other! After you’ve played this wild bedroom game a couple of times, feel free to use our cheat sheet instead of finding each card!
Quick and easy animal crackers bedroom game.
We’ll give you a tip: Buy MULTIPLE boxes of animal crackers so you are ready to “get wild” with your spouse anytime!
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