Let’s Make a Deal: A Bedroom Game

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Sexy Bedroom Game

Will You Make the Right Deal?!

If you’re familiar with the game show “Let’s Make a Deal,” then you’ll LOVE this sassy twist!  With this printable bedroom game, designed by the AMAZING Cassia at Cassia Leigh Designs {TOTALLY check her out, she rocks!}, you’ll have your spouse choosing between the deal you’ve created or the options behind the doors!  Which will be better? You won’t know until it’s time to compare. But regardless of the final prize, this game is FULL of fun, flirting and… sex!

Sexy bedroom game

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Diva Disclaimer

What You’ll Need to “Make a Deal:”

  1. These DARLING, bedroom game printables
  2. X-Acto knife
  3. A game die
  4. Bedroom goodies (i.e. blindfold, toys, whipped cream, body paint, massage oil)

How to “Make a Deal:”

Bedroom Game Invite

  1. Start by putting the printables together. You’ll want an X-acto knife to make the cutting the doors easier and more precise.  Cut all of the doors on three sides. Once you’ve cut the doors on ALL of the printables (invite, prize cards, and playing cards), adhere the corresponding cards together.Let's Make a Deal Bedroom Game
  2. Invite your spouse to a night of making deals!
  3. When it’s time, each of you will write your ideal bedroom prize.
    Free Printable Bedroom Game
  4. Then, give your spouse a die and let them roll it. Whatever number they roll is the amount of doors they can open on the game card.  But FIRST, you must ask if they’d like to take the deal you wrote on your prize card or the idea behind the door.  If they choose the door, they will open one.
    Printable Let's Make a Deal Bedroom Game
  5. At that moment, they can choose to take the idea behind the door or continue opening doors based on the number they rolled on the die. This will continue until they have either taken the idea behind the door OR run out of doors to open.Intimate game
  6. BUT before you “get it on,” there is ONE last chance to make a deal. Your spouse can either go with the final idea behind the game card door OR select the idea you wrote on your prize card.Bedroom Fun
  7.  Don’t worry now! Save your spouse’s prize card AND your game card for another round OR for another evening. Next time, it’s YOUR turn to roll and open doors until you’ve decided on an activity or your spouse’s prize card. (*Note: there are at least enough doors for two rounds of getting a six on the die)

To be honest, this game is a win-win situation! Regardless of if you pick the idea on the game card or take your spouse’s prize card, love will be shared and made!

Free Download

Let's Make a Deal Printables

Printables Designed by Cassia @ Cassia Leigh Designs Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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