The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress Seduction


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Never underestimate the power of The Little Black Dress.


Every woman needs to have a little black dress, right? Definitely. So, here is a little story that goes along with MY little black dress:



My husband was spending a lot of time away from home for work. I think we had spent almost 5 weeks apart at one point and I was not liking it! So I had a plan for when he came home to knock his socks off. I had the house cleaned and his favorite dinner on the table. And, of course, I was looking absolutely fabulous because I was totally decked out from head to toe. I took a lot of extra time getting myself all done up before sliding on my Little Black Dress and some stunning high heels.

Now, the catch to MY little black dress is that it’s VERY form fitting. It isn’t something that I would feel comfortable wearing just out and about around town. No. This is a very special dress that I reserve especially for my hubby. So… I had on my dress, my heels, with my make-up and hair done to perfection. Then I sat myself down on the couch in my front living room and waited for him to get home. (Not too long, of course, I knew when he was going to arrive.)
When he did finally get home, the look on his face was absolutely priceless! It made the effort on my part SOOOO worth it! I will never forget the shocked smile across his face. The night got even better after I served him dinner in this hot little number. I would say this Little Black Dress definitely sparked the fire for us!

*Side Note: For the record, my husband has requested the Little Black Dress to be worn on several occasions after this one. So I would definitely consider this a BIG thumbs up!

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7 Responses to The Little Black Dress

  1. Alicia – click on the "source" link below the picture and you will be sent to a post on a FABULOUS little website. They tell you where to get each of those dresses in the picture plus a few more! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Since my husband is in law school, and we are living on a student budget, this is actually how we do "date night" once a week! Except my dress is blue 🙂