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Create Your Own Love Notes Pad!

I sometimes have a hard time remembering to think about my husband and his needs because I am so caught up with taking care of my daughter and myself, that I often times forget to take care of my husband. :/ I am trying to change this and am now constantly thinking about ways I can show my love to my husband.

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My husband’s ‘Love Language’ is words of affirmation and I thought a good way to show him how much I love him, would be to leave him little random love notes more often. To help me do this I decided to make a ‘love notes’ pad to stick in my purse. Every time I see it I will be reminded to leave him a love note, whether it be on his car windshield, or on his pillow, or in his lunch box. etc… I want my hubby to know how much I love and appreciate him ALL THE TIME.
I created these blank notes {download them below.}
Cut them up.

Glue them together just at the top 1/2inch.

Stick them to a cardboard box and trimmed off the extra cardboard.

Fold the top of the cardboard over a 1/2 inch at the top.

Cover the cardboard with craft paper and stickers.

And… Wha-lah, you have a ‘love notes’ pad!

Your final step… stick it in your purse, wallet, or car.

Problem solved!

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  1. I really liked this craft! How did you glue the pages together -meaning what type of glue did you use?? I would love to know the answer if yo u have time to respond! Thank you! (

  2. This is really cute, and such a great idea to remember that we all should tell our husbands more often how we feel. I'll be making one of these. Thanks 🙂