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How to Make Your Own Family Magnets

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I have SUCH a fun craft tutorial for you today! My kids absolutely LOVE these magnet people and they were so easy to make. This would be something fun to do with your hubby after the kids are in bed OR something for you to do to decorate your fridge and surprise him!

The first step is to take the pictures! The best way to do this is to find a solid colored wall in your house. Make sure that you stand the same distance away from everyone when you take the picture so that proportions are even.

I found it really fun to have everyone do something different with their arms/hands and the way that they are standing. It would be boring to have everyone just standing there, hands at their side. But do something just a SMIDGE different {like a hand on a hip, wave, etc…} and your fridge will look a whole lot more fun! My kids wanted my husband to do ‘muscles’ cause he is DEFINITELY our family’s super hero! Here are the pictures of my family:

So first, you need some of these babies:


I found mine at Walmart, but I’ve seen them everywhere! The size really doesn’t matter EXCEPT that I wouldn’t go smaller than 4×6. But even that is just a personal choice. I like them kind of big! The important thing is that they have an adhesive on one side, so look for that no matter which size you are buying. The sheets I found were 5×8 and they worked perfectly.

Amazon has an AWESOME deal on these 8.5×11 sheets right now: 2pk Cut-Able Photo Magnets 8.5×11″ Custom Self-Adhesive {reg. 20 bucks, now $1.97!}

Now if you are photshop-savvy, you can do this exactly like I did. If not it will totally be OK!

Photoshop users: Create a new file that is the size of one magnet sheet. Mine were 5×8 so that is the size of file I created. Next, I cut out my family members using the lasso tool and moved them onto my new file. I then decided to make my husband as tall as possible (I did 7.8 in in height for him) and then proportioned everyone else next to him. I ended up making three of these files to fit my whole family. Then print! I printed them onto photo paper. I LOVED doing it this way because then I could make everyone on a nice, bright, white background.

Those without Photoshop: This will still work great! After you take your pictures, print on photo paper or send them into a one-hour photo center to have them printed for you.


Next you’ll want to peel the paper backing off of the magnet sheet like this:

And stick the photos you printed right onto the sticky side of the magnet.

Then start cutting! I like to leave a little edge around each of my people. I think it looks nice, plus I don’t want to cut off something important like a finger 🙂


AND THEN, here comes the best part of all….you can laminate these magnets! Yep, that’s right! I absolutely HATE putting time and energy into making something cute like this only to say to my kids, “No no no,” “Don’t Touch,” and “You’ll ruin them!” I mean, if my kids can’t ACTUALLY enjoy them, then what was the point?? I discovered our little library has a lamination machine. It’s a $1.88 a yard to laminate something there so I laminated all my little people for about a buck.

So here’s the final product!  Aren’t they adorable?? My baby LOVES pulling these of the fridge, and I love letting him! 🙂


And my son and daughter love to set them up crazy. I came into the kitchen and found them like this, haha:


I made one of every person in my family. But, they are such a hit that I have requested pictures from Grandmas, Grandpas, cousins and other extended family members. We are even going to make one of our cute doggie! I can not wait to make more! They were beyond easy to make and I can’t believe how great they look on my fridge.  SO much cuter than traditional magnets.

We would LOVE to see how yours turn out! If you’re up to posting pictures of your magnetic people, please share them on our Facebook page! You can also pair them with these LOVE Magnets strips!!

Family Fridge Magnets


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