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I have never been the type of person to spend lots of money on my pajamas.  I will buy a good pair every decade – otherwise I just sleep in whatever is lying around.  I really haven’t cared because I’m just sleeping in them.  Right?  Er… maybe I should have rethought this one a very long time ago.
 Dating Divas Intimacy Disclosure
While at our Diva’s Retreat in St. George, Utah, cute Kiirsten put on a pair of the most adorable pajamas that I have ever seen.  I loved them from the moment I saw them.  Stinking cute!  It made me give some serious thought into buying myself a pair.  Well, I put it off and then decided, why not?  I haven’t had a new pair of pajamas since my first son was born.  So…five years ago.  Yup, you read that right!  Five years!  And my mother bought them for me.  To be honest, the last pair of pajamas that I purchased for myself was closer to ten years ago.  It’s pretty sad – this I know!  lol.

*The pajamas featured above were purchased at Target.

So after our Diva’s Retreat I just could NOT stop thinking about these adorable pajamas, so I broke down and bought myself a pair.  Not only are they super cute, but they are really, really comfortable.  Now for the kicker: my husband LOVES them.  That is probably a big understatement.  Allow me to explain…he has a hard time keeping his hands to himself when I wear these pajamas.  Just ordinary pajamas?  I think not!  They compliment my curves and his reaction always makes me feel beautiful.  To sum it up, I would say that these pajamas just earned the title “irresistible“.  Now I have to be more careful as to when and where I wear my irresistible pajamas.  I am now devoted to wearing cute PJ’s from here on out!  So my point is, ladies [and gentlemen] be aware of what you’re wearing around your spouse.  Even at bedtime.  You just never know when something as simple as a new pair of PJ’s will enhance the attraction between you and your honey.

Hypnotize Him

Now that we are looking good…let’s be sure to SMELL good, too.  One of my absolute favorites and front runner when it comes to reeling my man in is a body gel intrigant (lotion) called Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior.  And believe me–this product stands up to it’s name.  What I love is that it’s a strong scent so I don’t have to use a ton (I usually only put it on my arms and collar bone), the scent will stay on all day long, and it has shimmer in it!  What woman doesn’t like a bit of “sparkle” to set off her skin?!  And let me say that when I spread this yummy lotion on I just walk around smelling myself–I smell THAT GOOD!  So it’s no wonder that my husband’s senses are completely taken over (in a good way) when I walk past him both looking and smelling delicious.  He just doesn’t have a chance against my feminine wiles. 😉

*Note: You can pick up your own Hypnotic Poison perfume from Amazon or eBay (about $50-$75 for a 1 oz bottle).  I did see my Gel Intrigant on eBay for $49.99 (it seems like a lot of money, but I’ve actually had my bottle for close to 8 years and I’m just barely running out.  I don’t use mine all the time, just on those special occasions.  It’s an investment, but it’s worth it!

What makes YOU irresistible to your spouse and/or significant other?


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  1. I love a good chemise made of Modal fabric. I keep a fluffy robe on until kids are in bed! My hubby is also majorly affected by cute jammies. Anything where I’ve put in a bit of effort, is VERY appreciated! And I use the Pure Instinct Pheromones DAILY! For intimacy purposes, I prefer edible, gold, glimmer dust by Fun Factory.

  2. I'm about 7 months pregnant, and I've been irresistible to my husband since my belly started getting round.

  3. @Sugar & Spice – Lol, that last pair of PJ's I bought before this WAS from VS. Haha! great taste lady! love it!

    @Kiirst – I know, I think we need to take a twinner picture!

    @Vic – So glad that you came over to visit! Thank you!

    @Reagan – teehee…hee! lol. Mine too. Which is why it's taken me 10 years to think about purchasing PJ's. :o/

    @Britney – I'm so glad girl! Get to wearing those cute PJ's and let me know the response! Hope it's as good as mine was.

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