New Year’s Eve Couples Game

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The Best Activity to Bring in the New Year!

New Year’s Eve is always a big celebration. The completion of a year and the beginning of a new year! The best way to celebrate is to dive in and reflect on the year you’ve had. It’s so bonding to sit with your spouse and reminisce about the funniest, hardest, and most memorable times you had this year. To make New Year’s Eve even more of a celebration, we have created the perfect activity that incorporates reflection and fun… and a little competition! It’s the New Year’s Eve Couples Game!

You will have more fun than ever reflecting on your year together with these question cards!


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This New Year’s Eve Couples Game is not only super fun but completely cute as well! Thanks to Leah at January + May this card game is super cute and totally festive!

Fun cards in this New Year's game will guide your conversation about your year!

The complete printable game set includes everything you need for a fun and reflective game!

Funny cards about this year!
Who will win this fun New Year's Eve Couples Game?

Here’s how you play. There are 32 question cards in the deck— true or false, open-ended, and multiple choice. Take turns drawing a card and reading it aloud. The person drawing the card answers the question for his or herself, writing the answer on their answer sheet. The person who did not draw the card also writes down the answer, on their answer sheet, that they THINK their spouse wrote down. For example, if I draw the question, “You started out the year resolving to workout more, but failed miserably.” I would, unfortunately, write down “True.” At the same time, my husband would decide if he thinks that is true or false for me this year. After you have both written down your response, compare your answers. If the person who did not draw the card—the guesser—guessed correctly and your answers matched, they get to keep the card. Each card you collect serves as a point. At the end of the game whoever collected the most cards, meaning they answered the most questions correctly about their spouse, is the winner! If you’re not ready for the game to stop, you could go back through the cards that were guessed incorrectly and ask them to the person who was not asked it originally!

Don’t forget to stop along the way and soak up all the memories that the cards bring to mind!

It was a good year!
Reflect, relax and reconnect!
The questions will make you think!
Cuddle up and play this fun game with your spouse on New Year's Eve!

The new year makes us excited for the possibilities of the future and nostalgic for the memories we created in the year that is passing. This is the perfect low-key way to celebrate the new year cozied up in your PJ’s. This New Year’s game is the perfect way to have a relaxing night in, while still reflecting on the year you have shared together! This game, designed for couples, will be the most fun you have ever had reflecting on your year!

Guess your partner's answers to fun questions about your year together!

Make your date night prep for this NYE game quick and painless by using some high-quality cardstock paper and a great paper cutter to get all those adorable questions cards cut out in a snap! 

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New Year's Eve Couples Game

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