Using Real Rose Petals For Romance

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Using Real Rose Petals for Romance

Psst! You, yeah, you! There’s a secret weapon each Diva has stashed under her bed and I’m letting you in on our little secret in this post. I’m talking about a little box of rose petals that will change an ordinary night in the bedroom into an extraordinary one! Now, before you click away, just hear me out. Real rose petals are not just for honeymoon hotel suites and the movies (although, it’s exactly that stereotype that gives them that va-va-voom touch!) In truth, real rose petals (and even fake rose petals!) have an enticing aspect to them like no other bedroom item! Not only do they indicate romance and pleasure, but they also demonstrate forethought, sweetness, and relaxation when presented properly. So, that being said, I’m here to share a few ideas on how to use real rose petals (including how to use rose petals on your bed and how to use real rose petals and candles) to amp up your romance TONIGHT! Long story short, they are NOT just for the garden! 🙂
Using real rose petals will unquestionably make your night romantic! You'll love these rose petal ideas! #Romance #RosePetals
Before we dive in, did you know that real rose petals can be purchased from your local flower shop? It’s true! You can call and request them in a bag or by the gallon and not have to worry about the stems! If you’re looking to conveniently pick up some up without any effort on your part, then calling a local florist would definitely be the quickest route to go. In contract, if you want to pluck the petals yourself, or use real roses for display before using the petals, buying a bouquet of roses would also do the trick.
Now, let’s dive into the different types of ways you can use real rose petals for romance!

Using Real Rose Petals on a Bed

I’m sure you can picture a handful of romantic movies with a bedroom scene involving real rose petals strewn across the bed and scattered across the floor in a sweet, romantic trail. It makes your heart warm and gooey just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Well, using real rose petals on a bed is our top suggestion for romance. Clearly, it makes you feel all sweet and romantic when you see it! Wouldn’t you like to give that feeling to your spouse? 😉 Without question, surprising your sweetheart with a romantic night, breaking out ALL the cliches, would make their entire week! However, we do have a few tips on how to use real rose petals on your bed effectively. Ready to check them out? Grab a notebook to take some notes!

Real Rose Petals to Make Bed Romantic

Tip #1 is to prep them in advance and store them in a refrigerator. This helps them keep their freshness and not wilt in room temperature.

Tip #2 is to make sure your rose petals are not moist when you use them (on the bed, floor, bath, etc.) Wet rose petals could leave a stain. Instead, take them out of their container and let them air dry on a paper towel for a bit before using them. You’ll avoid a potential mess that way!

Tip #3 is to consider other scents in the room when using real rose petals. Basically, the fragrance that they put off can be strong, so be mindful of other scents in the room (i.e. candles or perfumes) so they aren’t conflicting or overpowering.

Other Romantic Ideas

While the bed scene with romantic rose petals is the ultimate lovey-dovey experience, there are tons of other ways to spell romance using rose petals! Did you know that most people assume the bed is the only place you can put them? In truth, it’s actually the least ideal if you plan to, ahem, use your bed? 🙂 Something to keep in mind depending on your goal for the night! That being said, not only did I find tons of ideas on how to use rose petals, I also found data to support which ideas were the best! According to multiple blog sites and forums, the best ways to use romantic rose petals are the ideas below!

Trail of Rose Petals for Romance

First up, rose petals are lovers’ “yellow brick road.” It’s a perfect invitation to whatever activity you have planned. Not to mention, everyone knows it’s just irresistible to find out where they lead! 😉

On that note, if your sweetheart parks in the garage, I totally suggest starting your beautiful trail of romantic rose petals there. Then, they will smile before they even get out of the car! However, if you don’t use a garage, then I recommend starting your trail from inside the front entryway, like below!

Real Rose Petal Trail From Front Door

One obvious “end” to your trail is the bedroom. Without question, that’s always a winner! You could make a whole experience out of following the trail. For example, you could additionally line the path with sweet love notes, chocolates, or even your clothes! As they walk along the trail, they will undoubtedly get more and more excited! Another idea is to double line the trail with string or rope. This would give your sweetie an even more interactive experience to their special surprise!

If you think these romance and rose petal ideas are good, just wait till you see the rest!

Romantic Rose Petal Trail to Bed

Next up is another idea for using romantic rose petals but outside of your bedroom. Why not create a picnic scattered with rose petals? What? No picnic basket? No problem! Instead, you could use a tray from the house or a stylin’ shoulder bag filled with your picnic goodies. Top off your romantic picnic set up with some fancy glasses and a delicious drink! This would be a perfect day-date idea on a warm summer day at a nearby park. Or, you could pack a picnic and go for a drive to a secluded place with a great view of the sunset. When it comes to romantic picnics, you really can’t go wrong with WHERE you have it. Just make sure you have something to eat because you’ll most likely be hungry!

Romantic Picnic with Rose Petals

Too hot outside? You can easily move your romantic picnic indoors. Simply lay out a blanket and scatter your petals around your picnic items. Don’t forget some pillows to help sit comfortable and which also lend a soft, romantic feel. This set up would be so warm and cozy in front of the fireplace in the winter!

Romantic Picnic Indoors

Then, of course, there’s the petal lined bubble bath! Oh my word, I love this one! The combination of the scent of the bubbles, the glow of rose petals and candles together, and the relaxing mood music is to die for! Don’t all these romantic rose petal ideas make you want to go out and get some right now?! You easily can! Just make sure to check with your sweetheart that they don’t have plans for later night… 🙂

Romantic Bath with Candles

Unquestionably, the rose petals and candles lining the bath is a perfect idea. However, if you’re looking to really step it up a notch in the relaxation department, don’t forget to add in this adorable (and free!) Spa Kit for a whole night of romance and relaxation! And with romance and rose petals comes the need for a sexy bedroom game to really make it a memory. I highly recommend checking out this list of The Best Sexy Games for Couples.

Spa Night in the Bath

Besides these fun options, don’t underestimate the “un-obvious” places to put out some rose petals. For example, you could place some on a piano where you could play your honey a love song, or scatter some in their delicates drawer. The possibilities are truly endless!

Without a doubt, these romantic rose petal ideas will bring you closer to your sweetie the second they see them! Whether you put the rose petals on the bed, line the bath with rose petals and candles, or simply throw some into your picnic basket, your sweetie will know you thought ahead to make the experience romantic and they will LOVE you extra for it!




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