“Our Love ShamROCKS” St. Patrick’s Day Gift Idea

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A Fun shamrock Gift Idea

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, it’s easy to find lots of cute ideas to make the day fun for your kiddos (Skittles as Rainbow seeds? Yes, please!). But what about when you want to do something special for your spouse?

We’ve got you covered this St. Patrick’s Day with some adorable printable gift tags that will let your sweetheart know just how much your love shamROCKS! Just attach them to some easy gifts (we’ve got ideas below!) and throw them in a bucket or basket to make your spouse feel a little extra lucky.

Cute St. Patrick's Day shamrock gift with Lucky Charms cereal. | The Dating Divas
Gift Tag: “I’m not just after your Lucky Charms” with cereal.

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Free printables Shamrock Gift

These festive and free printables include:

  1. “We ShamROCK Together” Gift Tag: This larger gift tag is perfect for attaching to your gift basket, box, bag, or whatever!
  2. Seven more Gift Tags to attach to the gifts in the basket. The actual words on these tags are listed below!
We ShamROCK together gift basket with tags and suggested items for St. Patrick's Day gift for spouse | The Dating Divas
St. Patrick’s Day “We ShamROCK together” gift basket with tags.

Gift ideas

Of course, your gift tags can go great with nearly any gift, but we wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! So here are some fun options you can use in a St. Patrick’s Day-themed gift basket or all on their own!

Shamrock gift "I'm so lucky to be paired with you" tag with socks | The Dating Divas
A woman looks through St. Patrick’s Day shamrock gift basket.

If you want to add a few extra things to your gift basket, here are a few more fun ideas we love:

Shamrock gift tag for St. Patrick's Day gift basket. | The Dating Divas
Shamrock “Kiss me (who cares if we’re Irish?)” tag with mints and gum for the gift.

Shamrock Crafts

Kick your gift up a notch with one of these adorable shamrock crafts! Bonus: Your kids can help make something special for their dad! These would make a perfect addition to the shamrock gift basket you create.

more St. Patrick’s Day ideas

If you’re looking for even more ideas, check out our St. Patrick’s Day Date in a Bag or mix this adorable I’m Lucky To Have You free printable into your gift basket.

Make this a St. Patrick’s Day to remember and start a fun new tradition with your spouse!

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Our Love ShamROCKS

Printables Designed by Lucette Exclusively for The Dating Divas

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Recent Comments

  1. This is a great St. Patrick’s Day roundup. I love it. 🙂 I really like the socks and the cereal.

  2. These are such fun ideas.
    We would like to invite you to share them at our party.
    The Busy Bee’s,
    Myrna and Joye

  3. Love the sock idea. So practical. I always look over St Patties day, but these are fun ideas that make the day fun and different…and yet don’t take too much time and effort for those of us that have kids.

  4. I can’t find the “sock” it to him basket anymore. I wanted to print out the coupons. where can i find it?? thanks!

  5. I used a few of these for my husband yesterday and he LOVED them! I had some surprises waiting in his car for him when he got off work. He recently lost over 50 pounds and was in need of some new gym clothes. This was the perfect opportunity to make it a fun surprise!

  6. Loved this so much I stretched our St. Patrick’s Day celebration out all week so I could use it all. On Monday I started with the shamrocks. I just cut a bunch out of green construction paper and wrote things on them like “Our love ShamrROCKS because we make time to be together.” and “You ShamROCK because you make me laugh and think.” I left them around the house where he would find them, slipped one in his lunch and stuck a couple in his truck.

    On Tuesday I used an idea from Cher @ Love Actually and filled a small green flowerpot with candy wrapped in gold (peanut butter cups and kisses w/ almonds). I put another shamrock in it that said “I am so lucky to have you as my pot of gold” and left that on his dresser in the morning.

    I had purchased a pair of “hot shorts” from customizedgirl.com that said “H’s name is gettin Lucky” and on Wednesday I wrapped them in some gold metallic foil and slipped them in a green gift bag. He left the room briefly so I pulled “Just Got Lucky” by the Joe Boxers up on my ipod and had it playing when I handed them to him. Got the knuckle bump and “This is my favorite.” from him for that one.

    Every Wed. he leaves work early to open up the weight room at the high school where he is the JV football coach. So I used the opportunity to sneak in to his office and put the rainbow jar and tag on his desk where he found it this morning. I used peanut m and ms instead. I also put the “great pair” printatble in his sock drawer and wrote him a limerick on the mirror with a green white board pen.

    No doubt about it my man has felt loved, admired and appreciated this week. Thanks Divas for all of the inspiration!

  7. Thanks for these ideas! Since I have no ‘significant other’ in my life I made green baskets filled with green things for my 3 grandchildren and added a tag that says, I am so LUCKY to have you in my life! Thanks for all your great ideas!!!

  8. i actually happened to find navy socks with green shamrocks on them at Target yesterday! my husband is kinda known for his “loud” socks so they were beyond perfect… very well spent $2.50!!! thanks for the idea!!!

  9. can you put the link to the rainbow tag, please! these are so cute. i am new to your site but have heard raves from my sister.

    1. Hey Britty! The link to the Rainbow tag is combined with the Socks tag….it should be at the bottom of the post. 🙂

  10. Cute ideas! I was wondering what font “Corie”‘s name is printed in? Super cute. Saw her today on Good Things Utah, she did a great job!

  11. As I was doing laundry the other day I thought …”wow, I need to get him some new socks!” This will be a cute way to throw some new “boring socks” in the mix!! Thank you 🙂

  12. Thank you for the ideas. My husband’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s, so I have even more reason to help him celebrate.

  13. OMG!! Corie-these look great!! Thank you so much for having such awesome ideas to design for!!! I think I am going to take your idea to the next level and create some Our Love shamROCKS printables to use for a romantic dinner and dessert for that night. Once I create them I’m going to offer them for 50% to all of your readers and mine!!! I will post the discount on my website http://www.lilbuckaroodesigns.com as soon as they are ready!! You have the BEST ideas!! LOVE, love!!!

  14. Oh, my gosh! Corie! I’m SO doing this! My love life just wouldn’t be the same without your amazing and EASY ideas. Thanks girl!

  15. Thank you! It would be fun to use all of these {and maybe come up with another couple??}, one for each day leading up to St. Patty’s Day or a St. Patty’s Day date. So fun. Thanks again!

  16. LOVE IT! Thanks for the wonderful ideas. We’ll for sure be using the lucky charms print out.

  17. LOVE the Love and Lucky ideas and printables. Think I will sneak into my husband’s office the day before St. Patricks Day and leave him the rainbow on his desk so that he will find it the next morning.