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Unique Printable Baby Gift

I’m in love with this adorable baby gift printable!!! This amazing baby book for parents-to-be has developed into something way beyond my dreams! What started out as a cute printable for a growing family has turned into a keepsake that will be treasured forever by your babies! Yes, your babies!!! What am I talking about?  This is an amazing printable journal for your baby, stick around and I’ll tell you all about it!

First, check out this great video on how to put this
Unique and Perfect DIY Baby Gift together:

Michelle Baby Book

Can I just tell you, I don’t even have babies, yet I really, really want to make a copy of this adorable baby gift for myself! I want to fill it all out, put my book together, and save the baby part for when we are blessed with finding a little angel one day! This is how much I have fallen in love with this darling book and just you watch, you will too!


Post 03


Before we get started, I have to thank the Diva team for working together to come up with these fabulous questions for the book. A huge kiss to Diva Tara for collaborating with me on the design ideas. A round of applause to Diva Chrissy for shooting these gorgeous pictures! A big shout out to CdotLove for making these adorable baby gift printables, she rocked them. Take a moment and check her out for your design needs, she will rock your printables too!!!!  We have the best team in the blogging business, and I just love working with these fabulous ladies!!!

Now let’s get down to business!!!

Journaling for your new arrival doesn’t get easier than this!!! We have taken the stress out of creating a unique and beautiful baby gift, because we have divided your 53-page baby book into sections, added photo pages for mom, for dad and for baby,  plus lovely quotes, embellishment pages, and started every single sentence for new parents to express their love. The Dating Divas have thought of everything and anything new parents might want to tell their baby, to create a meaningful, one-of-a-kind printable keepsake!

Not only have we thought of everything, but we have made it super-easy to put your Love Story book together. The introductory page, spine cover and book cover are the first two pages of the book. The rest of the pages are placed in the same order they are found. The last page of the printable is the back cover of the book. We have taken all of the guesswork out of putting your book together, our goal was to make a printable for baby that was simple and quick for you.

Here’s what is included in this 53-page printable pack:

  • Introductory Page
  • Front, Back, Spine Covers
  • Embellishment Pages
  • Photo Pages
  • All About Mommy
  • All About Daddy
  • Our Love Story
  • Then Came You
  • Our Hopes For You
  • Letter From Mommy
  • Letter From Daddy

The entire printable book is delivered via email immediately, all right here for you!!! From the cover to the final page, the entire baby book is just perfect. You are going to love every single page! The printables are gorgeous, prompt sentences will help you tell your story easily, and the photo pages with embellishments are divine!

And of course, if you’re in a hurry, The Dating Divas provide instant download of this new baby gift!


Introductory Page and Front, Back, Spine Covers

Post 06

The intro page is a letter from The Dating Divas on how to put your baby book printable gift together! We give you easy-peasy instructions on how to create your unique baby book. If you choose to use a 1 inch binder, you’ll find the spine cover on the intro page. The lovely covers for the book are found on the second page of the printable pack for the front cover and the last page for the back cover.

Embellishment Pages and Photo Pages

Post 13

Aren’t these photo pages of Mom, Dad and Baby soo darling?! You can create a baby gift  just as darling with the photo and embellishment pages too! And this is just a SAMPLING of what you will get!!!

Embellishment pages are the perfect little pieces to add to your photo pages. The photo pages are found throughout every section. Use an embellishment or two to per photo page to kick your photo up a notch!

All About Mommy and All About Daddy

Post 09

Post 10

The “All About Mommy” and “All About Daddy” sections are all about the two of you meeting and falling in love. There are pages for the parents to fill out about their first impressions, dating years, and when they fell in love.  The best part is that this printable baby gift kit gives mom and dad a place where they each get to tell their own story from their perspective about the exact same events.

Our Love Story

Post 04

Of course, every child gets curious about how mom & dad first became husband and wife! This baby gift documents it all, starting with the proposal, then going onto the big wedding day, the honeymoon trip, and the best part about being married. There are pages for mom to fill out and pages for dad to fill out. Again, they both get to tell their own story!

Then Came You

Post 07

 It’s time to be excited about welcoming a new baby! Now two became three or four or five. This section is for mom and dad to fill out together. The parents-to-be can journal all the little details about the excitement of getting ready for a new little one, pregnancy cravings, and the birth of their baby.

Our Hopes For You, Letter From Mommy, and Letter From Daddy

Post 12

This is one of my favorite parts of this baby gift because Mom and Dad get to tell their little one of all those hopes, dreams, and words of wisdom for their future. These pages are full of special advice for baby, as they navigate their journey into adulthood. What a great reminder for your growing baby that the sky is the limit and they can conquer anything that comes their way!

 This is your chance to write your first letter to your new baby, how exciting is that?! There is one letter for mom to write and another for dad to write. It’s perfect that this is right after the “hopes” section of the baby book, because it will give you plenty of ideas on exactly what to write.

As you can see I fulfilled my promise! You’ll have a fabulous gift for your new baby in this 53-page printable pack! I dare you to find a baby journal book or printable scrapbooking kit for your baby that tops Our Love Story: For Baby book! This is a one of a kind treasure that your children will treasure for years and years to come!

Not only is this the perfect journal for your babies, this is the best baby shower gift ever!!! The new mama to be will treasure this book just as much as diapers and rash cream!

Get this entire Love Story For Baby for just $14.97 today! 



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    Can u edit the pages emailed when purchased or are they pdf files, As we are in Australia and we spell mummy different

    1. Hi Rachel! Unfortunately, the pdf’s are not editable. I’m so sorry! You can contact the designer to see if she can change it for you? Best of luck!

    1. Hey Shelley! Did you check your spam/trash or even your promotions folder? See if it’s in any of those. All digital files are immediately sent once you purchase so they should be in your inbox somewhere. If you still don’t see it, email Ferren@thedatingdivas.com and she can help ya. XOXO

  2. Oh this is such a cute idea! Our first baby is now four months old. I often think about the stories and family traditions that we will do and tell her about that she will remember when she is bigger. This would record some of those things for her to keep forever!

    1. Cassie congratulations on your new arrival! Your little girl will definitely love this gift from her proud mama and daddy! Enjoy recording your favorite stories for her together! xox

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