Outer Space Date Night

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Outer Space Date

Today, we are sharing an awesome DATE NIGHT idea sent in by one of our amazing readers, Dani.  This space themed date is perfect for those warm summer evenings!  It also scores big time in the inexpensive date ideas category!

Space Date

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In Dani’s words:

Inspiration: My beloved friend and her husband really inspired me and my husband with how to date. They’ve stuck to their template even when pregnant, in school, you name it! They’ve got 2 tiny tykes and another on the way but probably still manage a weekly date night!!! Summer explained to me their template: a theme, food, an activity or two, and maybe some decorations.

Explanation: My best friend, Summer, told me about this gem of a date when my husband and I were looking for inspiration. Just telling me about it she got giddy all over again!

Her husband surprised her with an awesome date night. She came home to a sign on the door that hinted pretty obviously at an outer space theme. Inside, he had printed off a few key images from online to decorate their front rooms (like a NASA training center). He even had a themed playlist put together online! They sat down to a dinner fit for astronauts: just-add-water stuffs eaten out of Ziploc bags (hot cocoa, soup, and applesauce.) When you try it, be careful not to open the bags. Instead, cut a small hole in the corner. Laugh if it’s a bit messy… Summer told me she spilled her entire bag of soup and had to take a shower partway through the date!

Activities for the night depend on how much time and energy you have. Stuart and Summer built their own space station on the moon with Legos he had saved from his childhood. They also put up some glow in the dark stars on their ceiling in unique constellations. Finally, they watched Apollo-13 because it was their thirteen month anniversary. How cute is that? Other suggestions include Rocketman, Star Trek, or even the classic Star Wars.


Thanks so much, Dani, for sharing this awesome date night idea that’s outta this world!  We especially love these tips to:

  • Dine like an astronaut!
  • Build your own space station.
  • Watch a classic space movie.

To end your evening, be sure to take a moment and gaze up at the stars.  Diva Michelle has the perfect stargazing post to compliment Dani’s ideas.

For the full scoop, check out this post: Star Light, Star Bright.


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  1. Such cute ideas. This would have been perfect for my husband when he watched hours of the ‘When We Left Earth’ documentary about NASA. He also loves sci-fi movies so I’m sure I’ll get the chance to try ideas like these in the future.

  2. Kudos to Summer and her husband for making sure date night is a priority! They are definitely in it for the long haul. SO refreshing to hear! A fun date idea, too! XO

  3. I love this! Yes, the NASA thing is cool, but the formula is GREAT! (theme/food/activity/decorations). Nice and simple, cute and fun. Thanks for sharing!