Password Couples Game Night

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Password Game for Couples

Get ready… to get guessing! If you love group dates and the original Password game show, you’re going to flip over this couples game night! Complete with printable passwords, scorecards, invitation, and game guide, we’ll help you set up your very own password game show. Sound fun? It is! You and your friends will be giggling the night away and doing it in style. We’ve even included a single date version so you and your sweetie can get your guess on any time you want. Ready to check it out? Let’s take a look!

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But first, we have to give a GIANT shout out to our very own Diva Elizabeth for designing such fabulous printables for us. Seriously, how cute are they?!

Couples Game Night Cards

Couples Game Night Contents

You KNOW we’re all about the printables, and this pack contains everything you need to take make your Password Couples Game Night a total success! Take a look at each of the included items below and keep reading to learn how to use them.

Couples Game Night Invite

First up, the invite. Use this darling printable invite as a way to let your peeps know of the place and time. Just fill it out, drop it off and boom! You’re ready to make the magic happen. We’ve also included a single date version of the invitation just in case you and your sweetheart feel like keeping things a little more private.

Couples Game Night Invite

Password Couples Game Night Instructions

Your one-of-a-kind game guide explains EVERYTHING there is to know about creating your own Password game for couples. Once again, we’ve included both a group date and single date set of instructions so you’re prepared for any situation. Your Game Guide lists it all but feel free to take a peek below!

Password Couples Game Night Rules

Password Couples Game Night – Group Version


  • Split into pairs ie. Partner A and Partner B.
  • Each pair will go up against another pair.
  • Give 1 set of Password cards (in the same order!) to each of the Player A’s.


  • Both Partner A’s may read the first password to themselves but only one speaks at a time. The first Partner A to go must give a one-word clue to their Partner B and have them try and guess what the password is. Remember – only one clue/one guess per turn.
  • If the password is guessed correctly, that pair gets the point and both pairs move on to the next password in the deck. The other pair now gets to go first & the same rules as above apply.

*Once a password has been guessed, the role of clue-giver and guesser switch in each pair ie. if you guessed last time, you now get to give the clue!

  • If, at any time, a Partner B guesses incorrectly, play immediately moves to the next pair and they may now try and guess that current password. The same one clue/one guess rule applies but that Partner B has the advantage of having heard the previously offered clues/guesses. If the password is guessed correctly, they get the point. If not, play moves back and forth between pairs until the current password is guessed.
  • Whichever pair has the most points by the time all of the passwords have been guessed wins!

Password Couples Game Night – Single Date Version


  • Each spouse gets one set of Password cards that are different from the other spouse’s. You may want to utilize the blank password cards to make sure this happens!


  • Alternating turns, Spouse A will silently read the first password in their hand and give a one-word clue to Spouse B who then tries to guess the password. If guessed incorrectly, play automatically moves to Spouse B acting as the clue-giver and no points are awarded. If guessed correctly, Spouse B gets a point, they are now the clue-giver, and play continues as follows.
  • Spouse B must now read and help Spouse A guess the current password in their hand. Same rules as above apply.
  • Whichever spouse has accumulated the most points (ie. made the most successful guesses) by the time all of the passwords have been used wins!

Password Game Cards

Ready for the fun part? Presenting the Password cards! These bad boys contain a set of words ranging from somewhat serious to super silly. Assembling your cards is beyond easy and we’ll tell you how to do it. Just print and cut each of the password card strips and fold them down the center. This will create a front/back for each card with one side showing “Couples Password,” and the other showing the word. You might want to add a dab of adhesive to keep those front/back sides together. How fun is that?!

Answer Card for Couples Game Night

Don’t forget your set of blank cards. These will really take your couples game night to the next level by allowing everyone a little input. Consider having everyone choose a word to contribute OR keep them guessing by selecting those words yourself. It’s up to you!

Password Card for Couples Game Night

Couples Game Night Scorecards

No couples game night would be complete without a little competition… Your printable scorecards will help you keep track of points and add a healthy dose of pizzazz. Plus, keep track of the score really helps you channel the original Password Game Show. Total win!

Couples Game Night Scorecard

What did we tell you?! Is that a game your friends will love or what?! Grab your printable Password Game Night pack below and Happy Guessing!

Couples Game Night Idea

Free Download

Couples Password

Printables Designed by Elizabeth Edwards Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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