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Game of Phones

Have you ever been in the same room together with your spouse, but you’re not connecting? Maybe you’ve found yourself sitting on the couch playing around on your phone, then look up and realize your sweetie is doing the exact same thing. Are you ready for this? We have the perfect solution to reconnect with each other using a fun phone game! It’s time to remember all your special moments in the past and celebrate the future. Our marriage game of phones scavenger hunt is all about you and your sweetie. The best part about games to play on the phone is that you can take them anywhere! Let’s get started!

I LOVE this game of phones scavenger hunt idea! Can't wait to try it with my sweetie! #phonegames #phonescavengerhunt

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Bonus Phone Game Content

It’s one of our favorite ways to tell your sweetie about date night. A digital invite! Simply download and text it to your spouse anytime! How fun is that? We knew we couldn’t just stop there! Sometimes games to play over the phone can get a little repetitive. So, we created 24 unique game of phones cards to make your cell phone scavenger hunt more exciting! Because this fun phone game is mobile (literally, you can take it anywhere), we recommend printing your cards on a heavier paper like this cardstock for durability.

A marriage game of phones challenge.

A fun phone card game to play with your spouse.

How To Play Game of Phones

So how does the game work? Well, we’re glad you asked! We recommend starting out by shuffling all your cards and laying them in a stack face down. Once you have the stack in place and both of your phones ready, it’s game on!

Flip the first card over and start the cell phone scavenger hunt. It’s a race, so don’t dillydally! Whoever finishes first wins that card. Even if you do finish first, make sure both you and your sweetie complete the card challenge! Whoever has the most game of phones cards at the end wins the cell phone scavenger hunt! Since we’ve created 24 cards, you can determine how long the game lasts. Another fun way you can play game of phones is in rounds of 4, which allows you to determine a winner of rounds, not just cards. It’s up to you and your sweetie which way you want to play!

A scavenger hunt card

Mix it up!

If you’re looking for a twist and you want to get more people involved, make it a group date! You can do this by teaming up as a couple. Once the card is flipped over, the entire group takes on the challenge. The couple that completes the challenge first wins the card. Of course, you might have to prove that you both did it to the other people in your party, but that’s where the fun begins!

A fun stay-at-home date night with your spouse.

A fun cell phone scavenger hunt.

We hope you’ve had fun playing our phone scavenger hunt. If you’re looking for more easy ways to connect just like this, check out our 10 Minute Marriage Challenge or take a look at Fun Things To Do At Home.

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Printables Designed by Karina @ The Dating Divas Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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