Potluck Ideas for Your Group Date

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Potluck Ideas and Party Prep 

Potlucks are always in style. Whether it’s a winter soup gathering or a summer barbecue, the potluck is here to stay. The first meaning of potluck implied that if you stopped by someone’s house for dinner, you were gambling at what would be ready in the pot. All visitors wanted that little bit of luck that it would be delish! Today we try to plan our get-togethers out a little bit more, but in case you needed some potluck ideas to get your prepped and ready to go, we’ve got your back!

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With so many potlucks we wanted to have something to tie them all together and Carisa of Messes to Memories TOTALLY came through for us! The color scheme is so cheerful it’s sure to bring a smile to your guests.

The Prep

Potluck Ideas Invite and Potluck Party Planner

The first step is to plan your guest list. We have a printable tracker so that you can note who is invited and the dish they were invited to bring. Potlucks are always better when a little forethought goes into them. Anyone ever been to a potluck that’s all chips and soda pop… not ideal. This potluck idea keeps your party organized and varied. There is also a space to mark your RSVPs. This way you’ll know if none of the main course invitees are coming and you need to grab a couple frozen lasagnas. 😉

Potluck Invite

Potluck Ideas Invite Assignment Planner

One of the best potluck ideas is to actually have a physical invite. We all know we love a fridge reminder! This way they have the date, time, and place AND their assignment. You simply print off however many you need, cut, fold in half, and glue. Then go through your planning doc and assign each invitee a dish type to bring. Everyone appreciates a clear assignment!

Potluck Ideas for Allergies

Potluck Ideas Recipe Cards and Allergy Alerts

Food allergies are nothing to mess with and we don’t want any of our guests having to questions what they can and can’t eat. We love the idea to put these little food tents at each dish. There is a simple checklist of major allergens, and on the back, the baker or cook can write down their recipe in case someone wants to take it home and try their hand.

Recipe Collection Potluck Ideas

We have 2 ideas for gathering your recipes for the potluck. You could ask each guest to email their recipe to you when they RSVP. Carisa has made the recipe sheet in your download EDITABLE! This means that you could simply copy and paste the recipe into the doc and have them all printed and ready to go for your guests.

If that isn’t realistic for you {maybe you and your people just aren’t plan ahead people} you can simply print the recipe sheet off and provide some pens for people to grab as they come inside. This gives them a chance to write down the recipes that they really want.

Potluck Ideas Welcome Sign and Recipe Catcher

Potluck Welcome

We also thought it would be nice to have a little print welcoming your guests. This can go on your door (a lot of exterior doors are metal! Grab a magnet and bam! It’s done}. You can also just prop it up inside next to the recipe sheets.



Free Download

Potluck Party

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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