Valentine’s Day Game: Pucker Up

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Grab your chapstick!

‘Cause this is the ULTIMATE Couples Kissing Card Game!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air! We’ve created an inexpensive date idea that will have you doing your FAVORITE thing with your spouse: KISSING! And we’re not just talking about a peck here and there. We’re talking kissing in every fashion and form!

A Valentine's Day Date Idea

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In this game, you’ll wage WAR against your spouse… well kind of! 
The rules of this kissing game are very similar to that of the card game War, but if you aren’t clear on those rules we’ve included them as part of our DARLING printable pack, created by one of our FAV designers, Amanda at A-manda Creation. {She rocks, check her out!}
Rules of a Valentine's Day kissing game.
You’ll need to print four copies of each page of printable cards to allow for enough cards to create matches. Cut out the cards and adhere the front to the back to make them super sturdy. Once you’ve prepped your kiss-worthy game, invite your spouse to a fun and flirty evening!
Couples kissing game.
You’ll shuffle and split your cards evenly among each other.
Valentine's Day game idea.
Then, you’ll each lay down a card until you both lay down the same card! Who ever taps the cards FIRST wins the pile.  The idea is to gather all of the cards!
But there is a catch! When you land on a match you must ALSO perform the kiss listed on the card! OW OW! You never know what kind of kisses you might come across. Let’s just say – be prepared for everything from silly to sensual! Add a few chocolate kisses in, too!
Pucker-Up Cards
To really fancy this idea up, add our Couples Cafe idea to your evening for a delicious meal before you play and decorate your room to be the Love Shack for a romantic setting.  Just be sure to rinse your mouth so you have SUPER fresh breath! {wink, wink}
Have a VERY Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine's Day Card Game: Pucker Up

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  1. I have to say, “WAR” isn’t the most thrilling card game- but this version sounds super fun! Definitely going to try this one!