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Relationship Questions & Activities for Couples

Your relationship with your spouse is the most important thing in the world! But between work, kids, the house, and the overall hustle and bustle of life, it can be hard coming up with ideas for dinner much less ideas for how to romance your sweetie. Not anymore! Packed with relationship questions and activities, marriage builders, and a whole host of romantic ideas, our Romance Planner is an easy, effective (and FUN!) way for couples to reconnect and bring back the spark. Are you ready to rock and roll your marriage? Let’s take a closer look!

Romance Planner and Relationship Questions for Couples #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

But first, we have to give a massively huge, “Thank you!” to Courtney from Paperelli for such AMAZING design work! She took our ‘planner’ concept and ran with it, creating a beauty-filled binder that’s loved by both husbands and wives alike!

Romance Ideas and Marriage Builders #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

What We Love About The Romance Planner

Organized & Easy To Use – This binder has four separate sections that are PACKED with goodness. Navigating between those sections is incredibly easy thanks to the section dividers and tabs. They’re not only gorgeous but make turning pages a breeze, allowing you and your sweetie to get straight to the fun!

Totally Done for You – If there’s an area you and your spouse want to work on, there’s a page for that! From communication in marriage to a super fun scheduling guide, the relationship questions and activities are comprehensive and include just about everything. There’s even a spicy intimacy component that will really get those sparks flying…

Personalized His & Her Sections – Designed specifically with men and women in mind, these individual sections make clever work of colors and layouts. Everything appeals directly to the designated spouse. Even better, the ‘For Us’ section blends the His/Her designs together perfectly! How great is that?

Customizable – No two relationships are the same and no two Romance Planners are either! Take advantage of the fun and fabulous set of embellishments, putting the finishing touches on your planner. You can even make a fun date night out of it, working to make the Romance Planner your own.

Helps You Learn About Your Spouse – Even if you’ve been married for 20+ years, the Romance Planner will help you get a more in-depth look at your sweetheart. From their favorite treats to their inner-most thoughts about your relationship, the Romance Planner asks both the hard and easy questions. It will truly teach you how to be a better husband or wife!

Relationship Questions and Marriage Builders #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Romance Planner Kit Contents

  • Planner Essentials: In this section, you’ll find a beautifully designed printable cover, spine, and embellishment page. Each of these items will help you turn an ordinary binder into the Romance Planner of your dreams.
  • Planner Organization: Keep everything organized and easy-to-use with your own set of full-page quote dividers and attachable divider tabs.
  • For Him: Discover how he ticks with this set of intimacy and relationship questions, activities, surveys and more—all for HIM!
  • For Her: The female-friendly counterpart of the previous ‘For Him’ section, she’ll be in 7th Heaven with this set of wish lists, favorites, and more.
  • For Us: A clever category that’s built just for two, these printables utilize the information from the For Him & For Her sections. It will help couples identify and achieve specific goals, plans, and dreams.
  • Resources: As the final section in the planner, this will help you put the previous ones into action! Containing a printable planning session guide and extras, it may be last but it’s certainly not least.

Relationship Questions for Husbands and Wives #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Planner Essentials

Your set of Planner Essentials contains everything you need to turn an ordinary binder into your greatest marriage resource! Be sure and select a binder with a clear cover sheet and spine (ideally one between 1.5-2″ in size) so those specific printables can slide in easy and sit securely.

Romance Planner Relationship Questions & Activities for Couples #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Follow that up by applying a few of the fun and fab embellishments to the areas of your choosing. They’ll not only help you make the planner your own but also contain inspirational messages to keep the romance alive!

Romance Planner Embellishments #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Planner Organization Printables

The Romance Planner’s full-page quote dividers and affixable tabs will keep all of your relationship questions and activity pages neat and organized. Plus, they’re heavy on the romance—a definite bonus! Each page divider is made up of a different solid colored background and contains a unique quote or phrase. Watch as they add the perfect touch of pizazz.

Romance Ideas Binder Page Dividers #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Included quotes:

“You are my everything”

“My heart is yours”

“Our love is forever”

“Together is my favorite place to be”

Romance Ideas Binder Dividers #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

In addition, each page contains a specific tab space which makes applying and adhering your tabs easy peasy! Simply cut the coordinating tab, fold down the center line, and apply a strip of adhesive to the inside edges. Place them over the designated spot on each divider and voila!

Romance Ideas Binder Tabs #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Relationship Questions & Activities For Him

Our overall goal is to help you make your marriage AMAZING and the following sections take the guesswork out of doing just that! Each page works to identify current feelings, attitudes, and favorites. They’ll also help him make future goals and romantic plans. All in an easy-to-use, totally fun format.

Relationship Questions for Him #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Packed full of relationship questions, discussion topics and more, these pages are to be filled out by that hunky hubby. They’ll help you get to know him better than ever and are completely ‘guy-friendly.’ Plus, they’ll clarify his relationship goals and romance preferences and will help his wife learn exactly how to woo him.

Relationship Questions for Men #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Relationship Questions & Activities For Her

Similar to the ‘For Him’ section, this set of marriage builders, questionnaires, and wish lists will help her record her own romance and relationship views, goals, and favorites.

Like the ‘For Him’ pages, this content makes for an extremely valuable resource. It’ll come in handy when planning date nights, birthdays/anniversaries, and other romantic events. Husbands—you’ll want to remember this!
Relationship Questions for Her #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Relationship Questions & Activities For Us

Piggybacking off of the previous two sections, this couple-friendly category is filled out TOGETHER. We promise it will help the two of you increase the love you already have by about a thousand!

Relationship Questions Sheet for Couples #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

The perfect blend of marriage building, goal setting, and love enhancement, these pages will help you decide what’s working and what’s not. They also contain a healthy dose of va-va-voom…! Additionally, they allow you to create a simple plan for making those changes and putting them into action! It really doesn’t get much better than this.

Relationship Questions and Activities for Couples #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Romantic Ideas & Resources

You’ll love the final fabulous section in your binder, this resources category puts the ‘plan’ in ‘planner’ and is a total ball!

Romance Planner Session #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

The one-of-a-kind printable session guide,  printable calendars, date night planners and Diva-approved date ideas list will help you and your sweetheart will reconnect and fall in love like you never before!

Romance Planner Date Night Planner #relationshipquestions #marriagebuilders #romanticideas #howtobeabetterhusband

Once you get your hands on the Romance Planner, you’ll finally have the tools to build the marriage of your dreams. Plus, you’ll be creating valuable and treasured resource that can be turned back to again and again!

Make your marriage better NOW by grabbing your

Romance Planner

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$ 6.97!

We know you love finding new ways to strengthen your marriage. That’s why we think you’ll also love our Date Night Guide and our 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Check ’em out!



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