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Oh my goodness! I am not a writer in any way-shape-or-form! But reading this adorable love story, sent to us by Melissa, is so fun and addicting to read! She {wow’d} me! When you have a minute, this is definitely a fun one to read!!


She calls it The 21st Kiss

“Ten years ago from this summer (2010) I fell in love. For journaling purposes, I wrote this fictional love story which is largely based on our own. This story is called “The 21st Kiss”. It is above love, dating, funny kissing stories, Mormon/BYU/Utah stereotypes, personal spiritual inspiration, heartbreak, growing up and pop culture.  I hope you read it and enjoy it and pass it on. I hope it inspires you to love the one that you love with more passion and commitment.”

Cute huh? {assuming you already headed over and started reading} A few of the divas headed on over there and read the whole story.  So fun!  Now you should all start writing your own! {wink wink}

About the Author: Wendy

I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can't get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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  1. Cute story, Melissa! Very inspiring! Your children are going to LOVE having this precious story about “Mommy & Daddy”!!!