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Say “Yes!”  Such a simple word, yet sometimes so hard to say!  Being a stay-at-home mom, I feel like all I do all day long is say yes to my kids, so, at times, when my spouse asks for things it just feels easier to say, ‘no.’  How great would it be treat him the same way I do my kids, and say YES to EVERYTHING he asks/requests in a night (not that I say yes to everything my kids ask :), but you know what I mean).  It would help him feel appreciated, loved, cared for, and would make me feel good to know I am making him happy!  Being a Diva, I am always looking for ways to make him happier.  This challenge could have a fun reward at the end of the night too {WINK!}.  Have fun giving your spouse a “YES” night and see what happens!


I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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  1. You are a really nice mom! I find myself saying “No” to my kids all day and it carries through to my husband. I think he will enjoy this night and might even be a little confused when he hears the word “yes” for the first time!

    1. Oh Cara- even though I feel like i say YES all day, I also say NO too :). My husband LOVED that I was doing things for him all night. He even got a free back rub (I usually say let’s trade when he asks for one) and didn’t know what to think! Your hubby has earned a few yes’s so I am glad that you like the idea!