Sci Fi Movie Date Night

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Date Ideas for Sci Fi Movies

We’ve started a new series of date nights that we are SO excited about: A Year of Movie Night Dates! {Psst… If you haven’t heard about it yet, you’ll definitely want to see what it’s all about!} This sci-fi movie themed date is #7 of TWELVE at-home movie nights that are themed on different movie genres!

Pick out one of your favorite, classic sci fi movies, or a try out a brand new one, and grab the popcorn. We’ve made this date adaptable to use with any of the films in the sci fi genre, from Back to the Future to Star Trek! Just staring at a screen doesn’t always feel like the best way to get closer to your sweetie, but this is MUCH more than a typical movie night! Use our activities, along with the best sci fi movies, and you have an easy date where you can relax AND connect with your spouse. So, are you ready to take your movie night to the next level?? You can do it all from the comfort of your own couch!!

Pick one of your favorite Sci Fi Movies and grab the popcorn! This is an easy date where you can relax AND connect with your spouse. #bestscifimovies #athomedateideas #yearofmoviesdates #scifimovies

We enlisted the help of our talented graphic designer, Courtney of Paperelli Designs to help us create fun printables to fit every movie style. She rocked it and THEY.ARE.SO.AWESOME! Whether you are a science fiction nerd or just a casual viewer, the stellar printable activities will make your movie night WAY more fun!
Once you’ve picked out your flick, we’ve done the rest of the work for you! Just print off the following printables to enhance your sci fi feature experience.

Included in this Sci Fi Movie Date Night:

  • Movie Envelope Cover
  • Digital Text Invitation
  • Sci Fi Themed Activity
  • Sci Fi Intimate Activity 

Here’s a closer look into all the printables:

Science Fiction Cover Page

The best sci fi movies date ideas!

Each of our Movie Night Dates comes with a colorful cover to stick on a manila envelope. The Sci Fi cover sets the vibe for all things extraterrestrial. Just glue it to the front and stick all of your Sci Fi Date Night printables inside. That way it’s all in one place and ready for you whenever you are.

Sci Fi Movie Text Invitation

Invite your spouse to a sci fi movies date night!

Use the space-themed love note as a perfect digital text invitation for your spouse! Just download and SEND! Then include the details (day, time, place, any hints) in a follow-up text. If your style is more old school and traditional, you can print the image and leave it as a paper love note for them to find as well!

Sci Fi Movies Date Activities

Sci Fi movie date activities

You can’t plan a sci fi movie night without some GLOWSTICKS!! When it gets dark, play glow bowling or ring toss in the yard, or inside. We also included an idea for a hilarious game to download on your phones and a space-themed treat!

Sci Fi Movies ideas

Sci Fi Movie Intimacy Activity

Sci Fi movies intimacy ideas

After the movie (or before… WINK!) send your spouse into hyperdrive with a bedroom game. The Countdown to Love Launch sexy game will have you both counting down the minutes until you can be intimate together!

The Best Sci Fi Movies for Date Night

To go along with this movie date, we’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite, clean (no R-Rated) sci fi movies to make your decision a little easier!

Sci Fi movies at home date night!

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  1. Love these ideas! I can’t even remember the last time my hubby and I have done a date night at the movies. Gonna plan one soon!

  2. Ok, I just recently saw the Star Trek movies and am actually quite a fan! I’d TOTALLY do this date night for those movies!