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Spice Up Your Bedroom with Sexy Songs!

Spicing up the bedroom is a great way to keep marriage fresh, and our sexy playlist printables will guide you through a steamy night of rhythmic proportions {Wink}!


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Intimacy Disclaimer

The Printables

Sexy Playlist Printables

Can we just take a minute to talk about how gorgeous and clever these printables are?!  They are brought to you by none other than the extremely talented, Crystal Nale!  She will take your vision to the next level, so be sure to check out her site!


Sexy Playlist Invitation Set for Spicing Up the Bedroom

To prepare for your sexy playlist night of passion, you’ll need your free printables, some decorative string, and adhesive.

Print and cut-out your sexy playlist printables, and then grab the invitation pieces.  First, fold the envelope so the geometric pattern is on the back and the front has the two colored, triangular flaps meeting in the middle.  Open the flaps, and glue the filled-out invitation card to the blank space.  When it’s dried, place the lingerie insert inside the envelope, and close the flaps.  Once the envelope is secured with your decorative string, it looks like a sweet and innocent heart is awaiting your spouse…

Sexy Playlist Invitation for a Night of Intimacy

BUT opening the invitation will let your spouse know that a sexy night of marital intimacy is in store…

Sexy Playlist Surprise

Give your spouse the invitation, and that’s it!  We’ve planned the rest of the night for you.  All you have to do is freshen up, slip into something comfortable, and grab your computer or music collection so you can listen to your sexy playlist.

Date Night

Sexy Playlist: Spice Up The Bedroom

The first part of your sexy playlist tryst is to grab the Songs of Inspiration for Him and for Her printables.  (Hubby will write down on the list “for Him” and wifey on “for Her”.)  As you look through your music collection or search the internet, write down songs that you’d really like to…ahem…listen to during marital intimacy.  These should be songs that really get you in the mood.  Guaranteed that while you are listening to sexy songs, you’ll start start thinking amorously about your spouse!

*Tip*  You may want to divide your lists into different sections – slow jams, up-tempo, etc.- for easy reference later!

Sexy Playlist Free Printables for a Night of Passion!

Once you both feel good about your lists, grab Our Private Playlist printable and compile a sexy playlist of songs you both like.  (Don’t worry if your spouse is turned-off by some of your picks or vice versa – they will come into play later!)  Then, you can organize that list into any order you’d like by creating a playlist on iTunes, YouTube, or Grooveshark, and you are ready to dim the lights, start listening, and…see where the rhythm takes you!  If you’re feeling especially adventurous, one of you might even try a striptease or lap dance!

Save the Sexy Playlists!

Sexy Playlist Printable Pack

Obviously you’ll want to hold onto the Private Playlist printable for future bedroom play, but don’t toss the Songs of Inspiration printables!  Instead, exchange them!  Now, whenever you’d like to romance your spouse, you have a list of songs that turn him or her on – perfect for spouses who have higher sex drives than their partner!

And if you’re needing a little something extra to spice up the bedroom, make sure you check out our Sexy Gift Guide!

Free Download

Sexy Playlist

Printables Designed By Crystal Nale @ A Well-Feathered Nest Exclusively For The Dating Divas


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