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Is it just me, or did anyone else marry into a TOTAL movie buff family?  I’m talking all family functions everyone is quoting movies, watching movie trailers, and we HAVE to go see the latest movie that just came out!  After 7 years, I am still lost as to what everyone is laughing about (because I have NO clue what movie they are quoting), inside jokes, etc.  I can’t be the only Diva that is in this situation :)!  Why am I telling you all this?  Well, I just happen to know (…being married to the man that I catch watching new movie trailers a good 2-3 times a week!) that the new Sherlock Holmes 2, starring Robert Downey Jr., is coming out at Christmas.  My in-laws are SO excited, since they all LOVED the first one.  So, I thought it would be perfect to do my own Sherlock Holmes date, just in time for the new movie’s release.

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Here’s what you’ll need to make this date outstanding – invite (provided below), Sherlock Holmes’ attire, candles (optional), and a computer.  If you need some help with the attire, I found some amazing items for very little money!  I found a Detective Kit for under $9 that includes a hat, magnifying glass, and pipe.  If you are just wanting a magnifying glass or pipe I found those, too!  If you want to spice this up even more, check out Stephanie’s Clue date where they had SO much mystery fun for a night!

I started by leaving my hubby this cute invite with some awesome Sherlock Holmes’ attire as he left for work.  If you want to spice your invite up like I did, feel free to add some color to the detective with markers, and then glue the invite to some cute scrapbook paper.  It’s super easy with great results to make it that much better!  The invite reads:

“My Dearest Watson,

We have come upon yet another case that needs our attention.

Meet me tonight at 6:30 in our “thinking room”.

We must make great haste!  A life depends on it!

But as always…

“It’s elementary, my dear Watson, elementary”.


Sherlock Holmes”

I was so excited!  Now, you might be wondering what I meant by “thinking room”.  I tried to make the invite as generic as possible for all you readers, and this was my solution.  For MY date the “thinking room” was going to be our bedroom.  I was able to ‘quarantine’ it off from the kids, and had everything ready for our date once our kiddos went to sleep.  However, you can make your “thinking room” whatever you might want:  family room, bedroom, living room, TV room, etc.  Anywhere you will be comfortable and have everything ready.

Before your date starts, you will need to prepare a few things.  You will need to download a video game which will be your first activity of the night (see below), and a Sherlock Holmes recording (see below).  You might want to get ‘the mood’ ready by lighting candles around your room as you are listening to the story.

When we were ready for our date (once our kids were asleep) we went to our “thinking room”.  I found an interactive Sherlock Holmes video game that we downloaded and played for a while.  We had a lot of fun trying to figure out the mystery as we were going through the game, and it was great to be able to bounce ideas off each other as we were going.

After the game, we listened to a recording of a Sherlock Holmes story.  I absolutely love listening to old radio recordings and feel they give such great authenticity to the story!  I found a list of different stories and recordings to choose from and then checked on my local library site to see which ones were available to download and listen to.  My library has on-line books/stories on ‘cd’ where you can download to your computer, ipod, MP3 player, or whatever you wish.  It’s great and I love that it’s FREE!  I chose to light candles and dressed up in my Sherlock Holmes attire so I could channel the Holmes inside me!  😉  I even pretended to solve a real crime while wearing my outfit!  It was fun!

Something that might be fun while you are listening would be to have some yummy strawberries or other kind of fruit that you can snack on.  Of course popcorn is always great, too.

We of course finished off the night by watching the original Sherlock Holmes, just to keep up the excitement for Christmas!  Now, we REALLY can’t wait for it’s release!

We had a BLAST being Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for the night.  I hope you have fun recreating this date, too!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas. We had our own Murder Mystery date last Saturday night. I gave my hubby an invitation to solve a murder and to meet in our kitchen at 6:30 pm on Saturday. I made dinner, and we listened to an old Sherlock Holmes tale that I got from the library while eating. After dinner we took the cd and continued the story in the car headed to an improve murder mystery at the comedy club. It was so funny! We ended our night with an ice cream cone from McDonalds.

    1. Wow! Stephanie…that sounds like a FANTASTIC evening! Thanks for sharing and so glad you were able to incorporate Sherlock Holmes into it! Awesome!

  2. I definitely do this! It’s awesome.
    But I will modify it to fit with the serie Elementary, witch my hubby and I just enjoy soooooo much. And by the way it that serie, Dr Watson is a girl….a stylish women….how convenient {wink, wink}
    And the dressing up will be easier since it’s in the modern time.
    Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!

    1. Hi Sara! My hubby and I are into this series now too! I LOVE it. It’s a great spin off of the original. Going off of this show is definitely a great way to turn this date into modern ages! Ha! Good luck on the date!

  3. Tried this a few weeks ago and it was a SUCCESS!
    We did the video game and then watched our first episode of the bbc version Sherlock Holmes. It was fun trying to find all the clues and to solve the mystery together, we were at it for hours! Also, needless to say we were hooked on the bbc version of Sherlock. Can’t wait for their 3rd season!
    Thank you for this great idea, Cami!

    1. Maggie- I am SO glad that you liked the date. I also like that you did it watching the bbc Sherlock Holmes. My husband and I LOVE that series! We can’t wait for the 3rd season too! Thanks for your comment!

  4. Great idea! I just had to comment that I married into a movie buff family. Not even kidding. I have a BIL who does set designs for movies (Princess Diaries anyone?) in Hollywood and made a replica of the Delorean from Back to the Future. Another BIL who is always quoting obscure movies and is seriously a movie savante, it’s always him against everyone else when we play Scene It. And yes, we must see the latest movies and we have to see it at the really nice theaters, not some dingy theater. When we were dating Mask of Zorro 2 came out and I did a scavenger hunt for my husband and in which he picked up clues to the movie and then ended up at a dock on the lake where we had take-out from a local Mexican restaurant.

    1. @Aubrey- I am SO glad someone else understands where I am coming from moving into a ‘movie fanatics’ family, although I think your BIL’s take it a little further than my in-laws :)…Thank you SO much for sharing your story, and such a cute idea with the scavenger hunt!

    1. @Elise- Thanks so much for the comments! I think this is a fun, relaxed way of enjoying a date with a movie premier coming up. Have fun!