Shower You With Love

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This April, let it rain … your love!

April showers will bring YOUR man a lot of love with this creative craft!

Let it rain… your love!

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Nobody likes a rainy, spring day!
BUT if it’s indoor and full of compliments, who wouldn’t!?
Create a beautiful arrangement of “April Showers” for your man, raining him with compliments that will make his day!

What You’ll Need:

1. White Balloons full of helium (as many as you’d like – I used 5)

2. Curling Ribbon to tie on the balloons as well as hang your raindrops

3. The adorable printables created by the talented Erin at Strawberry Mommycakes

4. Markers

How to “make it rain”:

1. Go to a local party story and pick up your white balloons full of helium.

2. Cut out the printable raindrops, both big and small.  {The printable also includes printable clouds that you can attach to the front of your white balloons if you wish!}

3. Write ALL the reasons you love your spouse on the big and small raindrops! Make the more important reasons stand out on the big raindrops, with the fun, more simple reasons going on the small raindrops. *Print out as many raindrops as you’d like to include in your rain shower!


4. Hang your large raindrops from the bottom of your balloons.  I attached 2 large raindrops per 1 balloon.  I hung one raindrop lower than the other to giving it the raining effect.

5. Once you’ve decided where you’d like to place your shower (maybe over a bed or a favorite reading chair) sprinkle the small raindrops on the floor or other pieces of furniture near by.


6. Hang the sign on the door leading to the room where the rain shower is waiting OR place it beneath the rain shower for him to find!

Showering you With Love Invite on Door

7. Let it rain LOVE! 

 If you just LOVE this idea, shower him some more with Corie’s fun bathroom basket of goodies!


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Shower You With Love Printables

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  1. My husband and I will have been married 100 days this April 8th. I am using the April Showers printables and printing 100 raindrops for my love notes. I also decided to add a sunshine to the balloons to note that he is truly my sunshine on a rainy day.

  2. I’ve been with my husband since high school – 32 years and I’m always looking for little things to do. My Grandpa told me the secret to a long & loving marriage was to “keep things spicy” because making up was the best part. He and my Grandma were married 69 years before he passed away and as funny as if feels saying – partly because they were “Southern Baptist” and all that that implies, they had the love and passion you could see when they looked at each other. It was beautiful – a memory I will always treasure and a feeling I hope to also have at least 69 years

  3. I love this idea, but the printables that show up after clicking on the link aren’t the ones pictured =(

    1. So strange! There was a minor mix up! I have updated the printables and they are now the correct ones! Enjoy!!

  4. I did this today for my boyfriend’s birthday. HE LOVED IT!!! He works nights and I work during the day so I wasn’t there to see his face when he walked in the bedroom to see it, but was on the phone with him. But I could tell by his voice that he was really touched by it. Thank you for the AWESOME idea!

    1. She did and it was freaking amazing. Hands down the most thoughtful and sweet thing anyone has ever done for my birthday….. there were more showers afterwards…. the salty kind that come out of your eyes…. not saying I was crying just saying……

  5. I love this idea so much! I did it for my husband and he loved it so much! It brought tears to his eyes which brought tears to mine. I think it is so important in marriage that we love our love for one another. Thank you divas ur website is a blessing!

  6. This was so fun! I used star shaped balloons because that was all that was at the store that I went to. So I taped clouds to the strings of the balloons and the rain drops coming down from the clouds it looked awesome… We spent the week with the “rain” floating around over our bed LOL He loved it! Thanks for the idea. I would upload a pic if I could figure out how 🙂

  7. This is adorable! I’m doing this later today. This is especially perfect because of a huge thunderstorm that came through last night. <3

  8. This is one of my favorite posts! So happy to see these new cute printables to go along with it!!! Lovely photos girlie! xox