Summer Boredom Buster Pack

How would you like to create one amazingly FUN and MEMORABLE summer for your kids?! 

Well, you are in luck! We are hooking you up with a whole collection of FUN summer printable activities to keep those kiddos busy and entertained allll summer long!

Printable Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

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That’s right!  We commissioned one of our all-time favorite designers, the lovely Erin of Strawberry Mommycakes, to design the perfect Summer printable pack.  And you are gonna LOVE what she created!  This baby seriously has everything you and the kids need for one amazingly fun summer.  

Making memories and beating summer boredom was never easier!   All you have to do is push PRINT and PLAY!

The Summer Boredom Buster Printable Pack Includes…

 10 FUN Summer Activities


Want a sneak peek?!  I thought so!  Just wait until you see the gorgeous pics Diva Candice snapped of this fun pack….




Printable Summer Boredom Box


Help the kiddos beat Summer boredom with this fun Summer Boredom Box! Just attach our cute Summer Boredom Box label to the outside of your choice of box, and stick the Summer Boredom Box Activity Cards inside.  Then whenever you hear the dreaded, “I’m BOOOORED, mom!”- send them to the Boredom Box to pick a fun activity.  Time to make some Summer memories!




Lemonade Stand Printables


Lemonade Stand Banner


Let the kids make their own Lemonade Stand to earn a little Summer spending money.  Our cute printables make it SO fun and easy to do!   Included is a Lemonade Stand Banner, a Lemonade Stand Sign, and even Straw Flags to dress up your customers’ ice cold drinks. 




Random Acts of Summer Service


Encourage your family to do some Random Acts Of Kindness for others this Summer.  You can use the ideas we’ve provided on the printable Summer Service Sheet OR come up with your own ideas and fill in the Blank Summer Service Sheet.   Check off each idea as it’s completed, and be sure to leave a Random Act of Kindness Card at the “scene of the kindness crime” so others can pay it forward too!




Printable Summer Stationery Set for Kids


Surprise your child with their very own Summer Stationery Set for keeping in touch with their friends and family over Summer break!  This set includes: a fun Cover Page,  4 pages of Letter Templates, and 6 Postcard Templates.  Pair it with some markers, crayons, or pens for the perfect Summer gift and activity!




Printable Summer Journal for Kids


Let your kids document their Summer adventures and memories in their very own journal.  Just cut and glue our fun Summer Journal Cover to the front of a composition notebook, and encourage your child to use the page of Summer Journaling Prompts.  The journaling prompts are made to be cut out and glued into the pages of the journal to make it super simple to get started writing.




Printable Summer Reading Kit


Summer Reading Printables


Encourage lots of reading this Summer by giving your child their own Summer Reading Kit.  Included is a cute Summer Reading Log Cover Page and several Summer Reading Log Pages where your child can keep track of all the books they’ve read, draw pictures of their favorite parts of the stories, and even write up a mini book report.  To really help motivate your child, use our Summer Reading Reward Card.  Every time your child reads a book and fills in the reading log pages for it, they get a punch in their reward card.  And when all 10 punches are gone- they get a fun reward! 




Printable Fun Summer Schedule


Don’t let the kids waste away the Summer lying around watching TV!  Keep them busy with a weekly schedule full of fun activities!  Just print our Summer Schedule to keep you on track.  Then use our blank Monthly Calendars to fill in all of the specific activities you want to do before the Summer ends. 




Printable Summer Bingo Chore Chart


Keep the kids busy, get some help, and make chores FUN with our printable Summer BINGO Chore Chart.  Every time your child does a chore, then get to cross if off.  When they get a row crossed off- they get a treat! (Maybe a piece of candy.)  When they blackout the entire board- they get a special trip!  (Maybe a trip their favorite restaurant or water park.)  We’ve also included a Blank BINGO Chore Chart in case you have different chores that you want to include for different aged children.




Road Trip Printables


Going on a road trip this Summer?  Use our printable Summer Road Trip Kit to keep the kids busy and well behaved!  Our Road Trip Games are sure to prevent boredom- giving the little ones plenty to keep their hands and brains busy.  And our printable Car Behavior Bucks are the perfect incentive to keep the back seat quiet and fight-free.  Just let the kids know that good behavior will earn them car bucks that they can use to buy yummy snacks or fun activities during the trip.  But if they start fighting, whining, or crying- they’re going to have to pay up!




And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, we’ve also included a list of 21 other FUN Summer Ideas!  {Including Summer dates, printables, recipes, and MORE!}   Just click on each idea on the interactive PDF to be taken to our site for all of the details.

Didn’t I tell you?  This pack seriously has EVERYTHING you need to keep those kiddos busy and entertained allll summer long!

Summer Activities for Kids

AND you can get it ALL for just $14.97!

Can you even believe it?  Talk about a steal of a deal.




For more summer fun- make sure to grab our FREE printable Summer Bucket Lists, check out our 101 Summer Boredom Busters, AND our 50 Sizzling Summer Date Ideas!

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  1. The printables are to die for gorgeous, I love all the bright colors! There are soo many fun ideas to keep everyone entertained in this pack! Great job girlie! xox

  2. I completely agree with Michelle. These printables are SO dang cute!!! Gorgeously BRIGHT and fun to look at! LOVE this whole pack!!!

  3. Although I never want him to grow up, I can’t WAIT until my little guy can use some of these. It reminds me of the activities my mom used to plan for summer, but so professional looking!
    I love them all, but especially the Random Acts of Kindness – what a beautiful thing to teach your children.

    1. I started doing the Random Acts of Kindness with my kiddos this summer and it has been SO fun! You’ll love it once your little man gets older. But in the mean time- enjoy him being little. 🙂