Table Manners Matter

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Family Fun Table Manners Date Night!

How many of you remember being taught proper table manners when you were little? Manners were something that we always worked on in our home, but I remember before an important dinner or when we would have a lot of company over our parents would review some of the crucial points with us. I knew that it was important and that my parents expected me to be on my best behavior, but I would have much rather been taught with this fun family game! How many of us would be way more willing to obey our manners if this was at our dinner tables?!  


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These printables may get the award for the cutest pack ever!! Joana at Cutify Creative really outdid herself this time! We LOVE these!! 

printable manners family night

To get started with this fun family night you will need to gather a few simple things.

To complete this family fun night activity you will need:

  • Table Manners Matter Printable Pack {linked below.} 
  • Scissors or a Paper Cutter {we really like this one!}
  • Corner Punch {ok, this is totally not necessary but we use it for SOO many of our printables that we would recommend snatching one up!}
  • White Cardstock
  • Your Adorable Family
  • Delicious Dinner

table manners

Pages one and two in the pack are both the placemat. Page one is sized 8.5×11 for easy printing at home.  Page two is sized to 11×17 for a larger printing option that can be completed at your local copy shop!  

printable manner game

Once you have your printables all cut-out and ready to go, you will need to gather your family for some pre-dinner conversation!!  Start by showing your kiddos how to properly set the table. We provided you with a cute printable placemat to help get them started! 

printable placemat
Now that the table has been set you will want to chat with your kiddos about the basic table manners to remember! 

printable table manners list

To help you with this task, we have a frameable page with 10 basic table manners to remember! These are all very well known manners that everyone should know.  Even the littlest of diners can start working on these important table manners! 

how to teach your kids manners

Now that the table has been set and you have reviewed all of your basic table manners you can almost get to the good part, dinner! The last step before you begin eating is to place three of the Manners Matter game pieces in front of each place setting.
table manners family game
As you progress through dinner everyone at the table is in charge of not only being on their best behavior but also watching to ensure the rest of the family is as well! If anyone sees someone forget one of their manners they can politely ask for one of the offender’s game pieces.  The goal of the game is to watch throughout dinner and try to collect as many pieces as you can! 

printable manners family night

Pieces may change hands multiple times throughout the meal.  Once dinner is over, whoever has the most game pieces is the winner!! The winning family member is 100% off the hook for clean up duty! They don’t have to clear their plate, help with dishes, pick up after dinner, none of it!! 

family fun manners date night

SO cute, right!?! We love this fun and interactive way to teach our kiddos proper table manners and we know that you will as well!


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Table Manners Matter

Printables Designed by Joana @ Citify Creative Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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