The Game of Love™

The ULTIMATE Bedroom Board Game!

The ultimate intimacy game, the game of love!

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Does this game ring a bell?!

Original DIY Game of Love

If you recall, we featured one of the most creative bedroom ideas EVER, The Game of Love™ by East Coast Creative! BUT NOW, we can’t help but BURST with excitement when we tell you that it’s an actual PRODUCT!

Check This Out:

Game of Love Collage

Yup, that’s right!

You can now purchase this darling, fitted bed sheet for your home!  So for those of you who don’t consider yourself crafty, the work is done for you and romance is at your finger tips!

If you’re new to this fun game, let’s get you caught up! Game of Love™ is a customizable bedroom board game for couples!

They’ve printed a blank game board onto a fitted sheet, and it’s ready for you to customize! Using the included washable fabric markers, you’ll fill in each space with an activity, question, gift, or another idea from the Idea Vault (a private customers only area with 100s of creative ideas for you!) Have fun customizing the game to fit your relationship just right! When you’re ready to play, you and your partner will roll the die and together, move along the game board completing each space. They’ve taken care of everything you need to plan and pull-off one of the best nights ever!

Check out this cute trailer video to see how it works!

But that’s not all!

We’ve also created our very own DARLING printables to enhance your bedroom experience using this sassy sheet!

For starters, check out The Game of Love™ site for product details and options!  When opting for the CREATIVE KIT, you’ll be greeted with the darling, fitted bed-sheet, game piece, die, washable fabric markers PLUS intimacy starters, such as body paint and temporary tattoos.

Game of Love Accessories
These are GREAT goodies and a perfect way to play the game, and totally inspired us to add a sweet Diva twist to this already fantastic idea. We’ve collaborated with The Game of Love™ and the amazing Alexa Zurcher {just LOVE her work} to create a fun invitation and mini-game to use during your Game of Love™ game night! You’ll have the perfect invite to present to your spouse!

The Game of Love invite.
What’s great about this invite is that although it insinuates intimacy, it doesn’t give away ANY details of the surprise they’ll receive when they pull back the sheets. SPOILER ALERT:  Below is a sneak peek of the darling surprise your spouse will see when they pull back the comforter!

Game of Love Sheet
  When they open the invite, they will have a checklist of bedroom options that they can choose from. *If you decide to do this on a whim and don’t have time to give your spouse the printable invite, feel free to use our textable image to invite them to meet you between the sheets!

The Game of Love Invite Checklist
When it’s time, you can add your spouse’s selected options to various spaces on the sheet!

Game of Love Bedroom Activity
One of the greatest things about The Game of Love™ is that the washable markers have been thoroughly tested to be re-usable again and again! Talk about a great value – and so much fun!
So just to mix things up, Alexa helped The Dating Divas create a printable die for a unique twist!  Roll our die and depending on the side you land on, ONLY do the hexagons of that color or pattern.  For example, if you land on patterned pink, you will only do the hexagons with some sort of pink pattern.

(I am seriously having So. Much. Fun. with The Game of Love™!)

Game of Love Die
Also, included in this printable set is a Dating Divas EXCLUSIVE mini-game to use within The Game of Love™. So, when you purchase your Game, the “idea vault” that comes with your purchase has lots of mini game ideas you can use, and we came up with an awesome one of our own! (So many great ways to play!)
Write the title “Pleasurable Picking” in one of the spaces on your game board and when you land on it, pull out our printable game pieces!  *Directions for set up are included in the printable kit!
You’ll lay all pieces “Pleasurable Pickings” side up.

Game of Love Pleasurable Pickings
You’ll take turns selecting a patterned card and a solid card. Whoever pulls the cards will perform the task on/to their spouse.

Game of Love Game Flipped Over
Once you’ve completed the task, remove the cards from the playing board and continue until all the pieces are gone.

Game of Love Remove Pieces
And for easy storing, use our printable envelope until your next romantic evening! *You can use this envelope for the invite as well!

The game of love intimacy game.
Now, if this isn’t the BEST intimate surprise, I’m not sure what is!  You can also include The Bedroom Value Menu, Name that Treat, or ANY of the 12 sexy ideas from our Ultimate Intimacy Pack on the hexagons of your Game of Love™ bed sheet!
Grab your fitted, bed sheet HERE!
(Disclaimer: We are affiliates with The Game of Love™. Why? Because we LOVE them! We totally believe in this game to bring some spicy and exciting romance to your bedroom, and we absolutely recommend it. If you decide to buy through the link above, we get a small commission from the sale…which means more Diva freebies and goodies for you! Aww yeah!)

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11 Responses to The Game of Love™

  1. This looks awesome, but I just can’t see paying $50 for the game. Do you know of a way to only get the fitted game sheet to go along with your free printables?

  2. This looks like fun, I’m trying to decide if I can justify the cost. ? Do you actually make it through a whole game, though? ?

    1. So even if you don’t make through the whole game you can play it over and over again! Just wash the sheets and fill in the game again! It’s TOTALLY worth it! LOVE this game!

  3. I am so excited to give this game a try! I’m a little confused about which set to order though…I noticed that you specifically mention the Creative Kit in the post; is that the only one that will work with the mini game? Which set do you recommend? It’s probably not a huge deal, but there is a price difference and I’m not positive we’d use the tatoos, etc. Maybe we would, who knows, but I’d rather not spend more if I don’t have to…would love some guidance 🙂

    1. Hi Leslie! You will LOVE this game. No, you can purchase the basic set and still use the printable game we created along with it! BUT the game is more fun if you have body paint and other bedroom accessories. So if you have your own sets of that then again you should be fine wit the basic kit! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Nicole, my mattress is a double pillow top and it fits enough for the game but not all night… It does fit a regular pillow top just fine though. I hope that helps! It really is an awesome product. XO