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When did life become so busy?  My idea today is something sweet and simple… you can have it ready within minutes!  A few days ago, my daughter left a surprise note on my pillow and it made my day!  I then had an idea to grab five post-it notes and write a quick note to my spouse on each one.

Now, this is the fun part….I decided to put the five notes in somewhat hidden places.  There is nothing better than going about your every day life and stumbling across a note of thoughtful love!  Check out some of the places I was able to hide my heartfelt notes…

My husband found three of the notes right away.  The best part is… more love is on the way because two of the notes are still hiding! If you want to add a little something with one of your notes, surprise your spouse with a discounted restaurant gift certificate.



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  1. I love this blog! I recently found it on Pinterest. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, so it’s fun to look for fun and creative ideas that we can plan and look forward to. I have yet to plan a date using you’re ideas, but I can’t wait!. I just came back from visiting my boyfriend and before I left, I hid pieces of a paper plate (I couldn’t find paper) with little notes on it. He found 2 the day I left and he was so excited! It’s the perfect thing to do for a long distance relationship!

  2. Thanks for the idea, I am loving this blog! I just wrote notes actually ON things I found in my hubby’s work bag (a bag of popcorn, a little Debbie snack, a couple of skoal cans..). I love doing nice things for him but don’t always have the time. I noticed a piece of paper in his wallet the other day, when I asked about it, he handed it to me, it was a note I wrote and put in his workbag about six months ago! I guess he enjoys my notes 😉
    Thanks for the ideas, I’m excited to do more for him since I hardly work in the summer and he works hard all year round!

  3. Ooh, love it! I have always been a fan of positive reinforcement…even for my man! haha, and I know he loves it too. I come these fabulous notes! Thanks for this!

  4. Thank you for the cute and surprising why to show my husband how much I love and he means to me with the hidden notes! He left on a trip and I put one in his luggage and one inside the pocket of his suit jacket as well as in the center console of the car. He loved finding them and I was excited to show him how much he means to me!

  5. My husband recently did something like this. I woke up one morning to find three small notes hidden around the house. Each one started with “One of the things I love about you is” He would hide them in the bathroom, kitchen,living room and bedroom. He did this for just over a week, everyday. It made me to happy to know the little things he loves about me and usually it would take me a couple of hours to find them all so it lasted for a while. Now, I find myself missing those notes. I think I will do this for him now. Thanks for all your FABULOUS ideas!

  6. What a great idea! 🙂 When the hubs and I were first married (in our newbie stage) I created a special box for him. And every day (maybe even several times a day) I would slip a little note into it. Then he could check it for his special notes.. and then read them when ever he needed a little love boost. 🙂 They were sometimes silly notes, sometimes notes of thanks.. and sometimes romantical. 😉 Sometimes I would mention the FUN we would have together later that night. haha
    Even though my guy is pretty macho and tough.. and its BIG on showing emotion. I know he appreciated those. I knew this because at first he never really said much about them, then one day I was a little too busy and didnt write a note. I figured since he didnt really say too much about them from the start, that he wouldnt really care that I missed one day. But then later that night he asked me why I didnt write him a special note that day, and that even though he didnt show it, they meant so much to him. And he looked forward to reading them when he got home from work. The box was on his night stand, and when he came home from work he would go to the room and change out of his BDU’s/shower.. and sit and read them before he would come out. 🙂
    Words are very powerful! 🙂 Its great when we can use them in a good way! After that night, I made sure to keep up on the box… unfortunately though the box/notes eventually faded out as the years passed and we had more kids. haha So Im loving this idea! Quick and easy! Plus Its just way fun to randomly find a surprise note. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Awesome idea, I something similar where I left a love note on his napkin that I put in his lunchbox for work :), but this hiding lots of little notes is a great way to let them know how much we love them 🙂

  8. Super quick, easy, & sweet! Thanks, Corie! I am actually doing an idea similiar to this…..inspired by Nie Nie! 🙂

    1. Casey, you can totally do this on just regular paper too. just cute them down to smaller sizes and hide them. this way you are using things you already have around the house.